It’s not okay, Fallout 4 (PC) Review by Draul


Fallout 4 PC Review by Draul
Genre: Action , RPG
Publisher: Bethesda, Developer: Bethesda

Fallout 4 has been a game fans have been waiting to play for awhile. Sure there was New Vegas but that wasn’t developed by Bethesda and it wasn’t Fallout 4.  Personally I enjoyed New Vegas a lot. Almost more than Fallout 3.  I made a comment about how I felt the game was over-hyped on twitter and someone said I was out of my mind because the game was only announced earlier this year. Well that isn’t entirely true. People have been expecting it for awhile. A perfect example is Halflife 3. That game is extremely hyped and isn’t real yet. If and when it does get developed and announced all of that hype is still there.  So lets get real.

First and foremost I love Bethesda games. Every single Bethesda developed game is full of bug after bug. A lot of game breaking bugs at that. People say oh it’s okay because it’s Bethesda, we expect bugs. Well It’s Not Okay. Not even a little bit. A game in development as long as Fallout 4 (Claims being 5-7 years). It shouldn’t have the bugs it has. From followers glitching above levels or on top of buildings to npc pathing causing you to fail an escort mission because they get stuck on the map clutter and then teleport away. Or you being teleported 1500 feet into the air and falling to your death.  Heck here is an awful glitch of a follower getting into a suit of power armor.

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Again, that is just not okay.  These are just a very small portion of the bugs in the game. Let us not forget about the graphics of Fallout 4. The game looks like an Xbox 360 game even on PC. Immediately I was upset after seeing the actual game itself. With games like Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition out. I feel that Bethesda needed to compete and it just did not. There are two things I can think of when I see the graphics. Did Bethesda just not have time or want to put the budget to update the game to modern systems after it had been developed and decided to go for the inevitable cash grab ? Or Was it that they were like… Well someone is gonna mod it anyway so it’s okay. Welllll let me tell you… It’s NOT OKAY!

Moving onto the story of Fallout 4. Don’t worry this is a spoiler free review.  As I played the game I started realizing I cared very little about the lives of the wasteland survivors. As I did side quests it was all just rinse repeat content. Here is a settlement, clear it out. Here is a mission go to building and clear it out. There were times where I would go to these places and fight the copy paste raiders in those areas. Then one time I saw a group of them that all looked exactly like the generic character in the screenshots of the game that you play as. So the ” Cannon ” character.  Then aside from that I found the voice actors spoke with no emotion. Again I thought is this because in the future no one has emotion anymore?  I couldn’t tell really which….. says a lot.  Then you have the main character whom is trying to find his son.  He has no emotion when talking about his son. Look at movies or shows like Taken. Where the bad ass whom has a “particular” set of skills gets emotional and uses his aggression. Even when he was talking you could feel the urgency in his voice. But not in Fallout 4. Plus your character gets told about factions, events, or things in the game over and over. Every time he is told he is like huh ? what? It just gets so annoying after awhile.  I started skipping dialogue if it wasn’t in a main story cut scene and even then I just read the subtitles and moved on.

The gameplay of the game is the best parts. When it works. Though you will find a lot of illusion of content. IE a inventory weight system to make your game time pad to make it seem like you got more out of your game. The addition of the settlement mod from past Fallout games was cool. Next to useless which again is Illusion of content. Though It was interesting building my first settlement or two. After that I realized how pointless it actually was. The gun-play was said to be modeled after Destiny. I don’t see that, and it felt nothing like it at all. I loved Destiny and played almost 1000 hours in the game so I would know. That said the action was still fun. Just don’t try to be melee in third person. Your choices don’t seem to matter nearly as much as past Fallout titles though.

The most stand out point of the game for me was how they immediately have you using power armor and fighting deathclaws. These were things you normally did end game of past Fallout titles. So the further you went into the world, the further you got into the story you found new things to fight and areas to explore. There are a few random triggered events by doing certain quests or dungeons. Such as doing Vault 75 triggered a UFO event. So no spoilers are there I wont continue but that was one of the best parts of Fallout 4.   The addition of crafting was neat. It was similar to another mod from past Fallout titles as well. If you played the game How to Survive you will find the modding/crafting in Fallout 4 to be very similar. Especially when it comes to the pipe weapons.

The modding tools aren’t available yet for Fallout 4. There are still a few mods being made. Most of them just ways to cheat. Once more mods are available then I would definitely be going back to the game. At this point I have about 50 played hours in the game and have explored “Most” of the Commonwealth. I have finished the main story and I was mildly entertained. Still entertained though. I did enjoy playing the game. I do have the season pass pre-ordered for now. Lets see where Bethesda takes us for the remainder of the Fallout 4 journey.

-Fun Gameplay
-Unique world events
-Crafting/Modding System

– Outdated Graphics
– Emotionless Dialogue

Draul gives Fallout 4 a Drastik Measure 8.4 out of 10 (84)

Remember it is not okay for a game to have high scores like 90’s and such with the amount of bugs that Fallout 4 has. It just isn’t. When your trying to create an immersive world bugs take away from that. Plus if the bugs are game breaking it can ruin the experience. Saying it’s okay because we expect it from the developer does not make it so.  I love Bethesda. I love Fallout. 8.4 is a great score still but some other….. Reviewers are giving it biased reviews because of fan boi….ism… That… IS NOT OKAY!

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It’s been fun so far and I’m looking forward to more content in the future.

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