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IF EMAILS DO NOT COME FROM CONTACT, LOLINIA, DARKCHY.  OR DRAUL at TheDrastikMeasure dot Com or draulxx at gmail dot com, or inutaisi at gmail dot com then they do not represent us. If you receive an email from someone claiming to be part of TDM please inform us ASAP.  If someone contacts you via any messenger, chat, or social media service please contact us before handing out any keys. If you run a site such as Keymailer, Evolve Terminal, Portal, or otherwise, if someone claims to be part of TDM please contact us first before giving out keys. As only Draul, DarkChylde, and Lolinia are able to request. So please contact us via the emails above. 

The Drastik Measure was founded by Chris aka Draul in 2012. It originally started as a Tumblr blog. Draul wanted to turn it into something more, something bigger. In 2013 Draul started a GoFundMe page to help make his dream a reality. He raised nearly 300 dollars. This helped him obtain the TDM domain and hosting, contacts, giveaways to bring in interest early, and computer updates so he could get the best experiences hardware wise.


draulxx_commission_by_rhay_robotnik-d71fsw52Draul has been a gamer since he was 6. Currently 34. He is the Founder and Co-Owner of The Drastik Measure and Drastik Moe. He has some college experience in Game Design from Full Sail University and has some experience in professional QA Testing. Not to mention the hundreds of games he has alpha or beta tested just because he could. Favorite series of games are Dragon Age, Darksiders, Saints Row, Diablo, and Final Fantasy. His favorite mmorpg of all time is Star Wars Galaxies! Follow him on twitter @TDM_Draul


loliJon, aka Lolinia, aka TaisiHyuuga is  Co-Owner of The Drastik Measure. He has put so much time and effort into keeping the site alive and putting up content. He deserved the title.  Lolinia is what Draul calls “Our Native Visual Novel Gamer”. Meaning that dude loves Visual Novels.  Lolinia is the Lead and Co-Founder of TDM’s new Sister site Drastik Moe.  Follow him on twitter @TaisiHyuuga

Adarkchylde has been a gamer since the early days of home-computing – we are talking c64 here folks. He is a huge fan of RPG and strategy games and a big supporter of Indie games and crowdfunding them. Having been around the block more than a bit, both as an IT-Technician for a couple of decades and a Movie Reviewer back in his home country, lately his love of gaming has taken priority over the movies. His love for both the big and small screen burns as bright as ever. He is a Co-Owner of TDM and Co-Founder of Drastik Moe.  Follow him on Twitter @Adarkchylde


Eden has played video games over seven different countries instead of seeing the local sights instead. Majoring in English, Eden is both a reviewer and editor for The Drastik Measure. He plays anything from hack-and-slash action games to visual novels, but in the past few years, he has mostly been enjoying virtual reality. He always works with HelixxVR! Eden is currently the Head Editor of TDM! Follow him on Twitter @HelixxVREden


DarkLunarDude aka DLD is a reviewer for The Drastik Measure. Since joining The Drastik Measure, he has put in more than his fair share of reviews and content into the TDM website. A friend to both Draul and Lolinia, he is willing to play just about anything and everything if it needs a review, with a heavy focus on anime or visual novel style games. DarkLunarDude is currently on hiatus from college but has an AS in computer science within the network administration field. Follow him on Twitter at @DarkLunarDude





Vilayer is a higher performance game server provider. They provide the awesome servers that we use here at TDM. Thanks VILAYER!