Enshrouded – PC (P)review

Enshrouded – PC (P)review

Genre: Early access co-op survival RPG
Developer: Keen Games GmbH
Publisher: Keen Games GmbH
Release Date: January 24th, 2024
Edited by AlexKnight2005

Enshrouded is an early-access co-op survival action RPG game from the minds over at Keen Games. They have developed and published the game themselves. They applied the things they learned from Portal Knights to his game. Enshrouded was released into Early Access on January 24th, and they have already patched the game and sent out several hotfixes. If they keep this up, I can see great things ahead for the game.

You can tell by, before even playing, looking at images from the game where they got inspiration from, and I wholeheartedly support it. Now, let’s talk about the story of the game. In classic apocalyptic fashion, the fun begins with the story of the world and how it came to be. Without spoiling some good lore, you take the role of a Flameborn, a being created to save the world from the fungal and spore-like Shroud. Also, have the initial cutscene explain the world. They are little to no storytelling except through notes you find in the world, giving you more lore.

This is standard for a game like this because most play it for exploration, survival, and base building. Speaking of the exploration and base-building aspects, let’s dig right into those. However, to begin discussing what those were like, we should discuss how the world looks. Boy, it is a gorgeously crafted and detailed world. I love how well-designed everything is, from the lofty mountains down to the blades of grass. It is vibrant without being vibrant if that makes sense. It feels like it should be a dreary world with splashes of hope, and it delivers on that aspect 100%.

Now, other than walking everywhere to explore the map, there are two different ways of traversal. That is, you eventually are able to acquire a grappling hook and gliders. They are both much faster than walking around to get places. Granted, the grappling hook can only be used where they are anchor points, but it beats having to walk down a cliff face to get to a valley and up the other side versus grappling across a broken bridge.

That’s all good, but the base building is the place where the game truly shines. Keen Games took what they learned from the building in Portal Knights and ran with it. They have such a great system in place that they would be hard-pressed to improve on it at all. That’s how easy to use and robust the building mechanics are. You start with your Flame Altar, which determines your build area and doubles as your spot to reset your skills and upgrade your flame. I always had a challenging time building in a game. I usually let other people do the building and work on getting the stuff we need.

All the building parts snap together so effortlessly compared to other games similar to this that others should take note of how to improve their systems or create their own. The crafting system for building materials and weapons has a great UI, but you can’t build items in bulk, which can be time-consuming in a game like this. Other than that and them adding more content, I see little of what they can do to the game. Is it worth it right now? Yes, absolutely.