The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle – PC Review

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle – PC Review

Genre: Open-world MMORPG
Developer: ZeniMax Online Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Date: June 6th, 2022
Edited by AlexKnight2005

In The Elder Scrolls Online (Referred to as ESO), with all the expansions that have been released over the years, we have been in the deserts fighting dragons, visiting the enchanting city of the high elves, and last year we saw the murky waters of Blackwood. With this expansion of the High Isle, we are heading to the high seas, where the Bretons reside! Though if you want to learn about what’s happening in High Isle beforehand, a small DLC within the game acts as a prologue. The main quest of High Isle starts at the city of Gonfalon, wherein the player will meet Lady Arabelle Davaux, who acts like the city’s mayor. There will be returning staples that will be in High Isle, like a re-flavoring of the Dolmens that are called Navire Volcanic Vent that will be explained within the main story quest, but the difference is that the bosses of these vents will be random from the possible five that the player will fight. And for those who like to get their motifs for the area, there are also daily quests, 18 different skyshards, two public dungeons, and three new sets that can be crafted from High Isle. The one to note for people to check out is Order’s Wrath set that focuses on critical chance, weapon/spell damage, and for the last, Increases critical damage/healing! The other set to note is called the Druid’s Braid set, which is unique in itself because it is the only set (Only one that I know of) that has bonuses for each one you put on (max of 12 items filling every equipment slot) increasing the player’s Health, Magicka, and Stamina maximum in that order which is terrific for a set for Tanks primarily since the role uses all three.


The island is packed with foliage in the first area with long beaches for the tropical experience! (Especially for those who like picking up clams for those alchemy supplies!) Of course, while you are running around High Isle, the player will pick up on some side quests that give a bit of background on the area and its inhabitants. However, I have found some bugs that stop completion, such as Spies in the Swallows sidequest, where the player’s last book of intel could not be picked up. Same with the main quest, A ascending storm where the prince of Nords would follow me and would not complete its pathing to the next part of the quest. Those few bugs aside, the expansion as a whole did not contain any at all. While doing some side quests, there are two in particular when completion gives the player a companion. One of the companion’s names is Isobel Veloise, a squire of sorts of High Isle with a move set that resembles that of a Templar. She can be one of the easiest to gain rapport with because many of her likes are killing bosses (bonus points if they are Daedra), crafting sweets, completing the volcanic events, and even repairing your gear! Though if you work outside of the law, she might not be agreeable with you since she detests killing innocents or even inside an outlaw refuge. Then there is Ember The Khajiit, which I have seen has been popular with players I’ve seen. Just like the meme of Khajiit, they have the wares, and this one is no different as the player gains approval by looting thieves’ troves, pickpocketing a guard, harvesting runes (she is a mage), and killing wolves/werewolves though if you like fishing or killing NPC’s you might want to send her home. Though Ember has surprised me when she is the ONLY Khajiit, I have heard that she does not speak like a Khajiit usually does. The only time this happened was when Razum-dar disguised himself as Aldmeri’s Queen Ayreen, and he had to force himself not to, which was awkward, to say the least.

Elder Scrolls Online's big 2022 chapter, High Isle, is live on PC today | Massively Overpowered

Now for the highlight of the review is that, of course, Tales of Tribute that came with High Isle! For those who are used to deck-building games, Tales of Tribute will be quick to pick up because of the formating of the game. But for those new to it, the game explains that both players pick two decks to play with to determine the “store” deck and what patrons will use. Both players will get a starting deck and draw five cards to use on their turn. There are three currencies in this game; Gold which is used to buy cards in the middle, Power which is used to destroy opposing soldiers and to gain prestige, and prestige is needed to win the game. There are two ways of beating your opponent, getting to 40 prestige or getting the favor of all four patrons. Also, for those who need Transmutation crystals, it’s a great way to gain those and pretty good loot grabbing platinum grains and dragon ruhem as well, though you will get some junk in the pack but win or lose, you get rewarded. There are also Seasons, from what I see, as there are five tiers to go up in the Ranked competitive; as the season ends, I can only assume that more prizes will be handed out. One last thing about Tales of Tribute is that it seems like the more you play with a particular deck, certain cards will be upgraded with time, making them more powerful.

All and all, I think High Isle was a great experience as they introduced another way to get Transmutation crystals that are much needed, a good storyline in the main quest about politics, and for the end game players, a great Trial to play through your guild as it is now my favorite one to go through! For $39.99 getting this expansion is worth it as the chapter will surely get more content going into the latter half of 2022 though I hope they take care of those bugs first and foremost.


  • Tales of Tribute is a fun game with good rewards.
  • A great Trial to go through with your guildmates.
  • Interesting new sets to play with!


  • Some game-breaking bugs prevent progression.
  • To get to some decks on Tales of Tribute, lots of grinding is required.

AlexKnight2005 gives Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle expansion a Drastik Measure of 8.3 out of 10.0 (83)