Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 – PC (P)review

Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 – PC (P)review

Genre: 3D action roguelike
Developer: Kerberos Productions
Publisher: Kerberos Productions
Release Date: October 22nd, 2021
Edited by AlexKnight2005

Sword of The Stars: The Pit 2 is a post-apocalyptic game. The object is to infiltrate the facility and delve into the farthest depths in search of an ancient artifact that will cure the world.

The first thing I noticed on launching the game was a series of paragraphs scrolling up the screen rapidly. It takes me a min to realize that this is the back story and sets the stage for the whole game. However, it goes by so quickly that I cannot read it fast enough, no matter how many times I close and launch the game. The development team might want to slow the scrolling down before the game is removed from the early access status.

The game only has four classes to choose from when starting the game, with more to be released later.

The first class is Marines. They do not have a good technical ability, but they hit hard. I would personally recommend this class for new players because they have decent health and hit hard, and they can learn the technical skills later in the game (Provided you live long enough).

Engineers are the next class in line. They have the highest technical ability out of all the classes, but they hit like a wet noddle. Think of them like a mage in other games. Really smart, tactical genius, but squishy as all get out. This class has the lowest health and the easiest to die. I would only recommend this class for advanced/expert game players.

Scouts are the available third class for players to choose from. They are a kind of hybrid. They have more technical skills than the Marine but not as much as the Engineer. On the other hand, they do more damage than the Engineer but not quite as much as the Marine. They start with average health and are moderately difficult to play with.

Srgt Gunny is the last class available at the time of this review. In my opinion, this class is very OP and is like a cheat. This class hits hard like the Marines do and has great technical abilities like the Engineers. They have the most starting health out of all the classes. However, the drawback is their consistency. You will notice times when you can hit like a truck, but other times you will hit like a wet noodle. Sometimes you will find tasks like picking locks easy to do, and other times you will fail one after another. If you want consistency in your game, DO NOT choose this class.

There is a class called the Medic, but it is unavailable now, and I could not acquire any current information on it. It is supposedly coming out either later during the Early Access or right after the game gets out of Early Access.

Once you have chosen your class, you will find yourself in an elevator. The screen will be very dark, and you will only be able to see the illuminated areas that your headlamp lights up for you. The object is to go from this starting elevator and find the elevator that takes you down to the next floor. Do this while either dodging or killing enemies, looting, breaking into secure places, etc. Be warned, and the game is incredibly difficult. After eight hours of playing, I could only reach the 4th floor.

There are supposedly 20 floors of gore, monsters, and varying degrees of difficult looting presently available; however, as I stated before, I could only achieve the 4th floor.

The game is turn-based so that you can plan your strategy according to the situation. You may want to just run in guns blazing, or on the other hand, you may want to take it slow and analyze every move. You can choose either option as there is no timer that I have noticed thus far.

Once you get enough kills and explore around, you will eventually level up and will have points to put into various things. You could choose to increase your health, attack, Armour rating, Technical Skills, and the list goes on.

You may notice various things that are familiar if you played the first game, things like weapons and items. However, there are many new things in this game that will surely spark your interest. New items and new enemies are sure to surprise and delight you.

Crafting is a thing in this game. You take bits and pieces from destroyed enemies and things you have encountered in your looting and combine them into useful items. (Usefulness depends on the situation and whether the player knows how to implement said item). You also can disassemble some things into useful components that you can later use to craft something else.

You can end up dying in several different ways, from poisoning and disease to traps and starvation. Death is around every corner.

To Summarize the Sword of The Stars: The Pit 2 is a turn-based post-apocalyptic game where you level up as you advance through several floors. You have several classes or roles to choose from, each with varying degrees of difficulty and skills. It would be best if you looted everything you come across so you can craft useful items. The developers incorporated a few things from the first game while adding a lot of new things to this game. I would recommend at least checking out this game as it is fun, but you need to be prepared for a challenging game with a bit of a learning curve.