Gamedec – PC Review

Gamedec – PC Review
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Genre: Detective focused isometric CRPG
Developer: Anshar Studios
Publisher: Anshar Publishing
Release Date: September 16th, 2021
Edited by AlexKnight2005

Gamedec is the title of the style of detective you are. Gamedec puts the player in the role of a private detective in a cyberpunk city. The game is based on the book saga of the same name by Marcin Sergiusz Przybyłek. The single-player cyberpunk noir puts the player in an isometric RPG game to solve your client’s mysteries. A heavy focus on the games and virtual worlds one can link their body into. As a gamedec, you have specialized tools along with a wide range of knowledge from medical, coding, and more to help get the information to solve your cases. This is a strong mature content game with the themes it covers. I would firmly treat this as a mature-rated game that wouldn’t be suitable for young teens. The game itself is non-combative, but the themes are strong.

Gamedec starts out with creating your creator. The preset art comes up when you talk, and your name and other details are flavor text to help put yourself into the world. You also start out with a focus on a skill set at the start. You are not locked in as your actions throughout the game open more skills. The skills themselves allow the player to get more details or options in the dialog. As you talk or take action, they can give points to one of four different aspects. Doing these actions can provide points to focus more on the skill trees that unlock more options for the player. The red aspects and skills mainly involve brute force or unlawful actions to get what needs to be done, including stealing or cheating within the game worlds. The yellow aspects and skills revolve around using charisma and influence. This includes sociable traits like knowing popular brands and culture as a whole. The blue aspects and skills give the play more knowledge and abilities to do programming and know the tech behind it all. The green tree is the more medical and compassionate side. All the skills require aspects to collect from the others. As the player talks around or does actions, you can gain more points to gain aspects. The only want to really not gain skills is to do the bare minimum and be a bad detective by not investigating all details. Often, the skills allow passive knowledge in conversations that can aid the player in solving the cases.

A few key mechanics I enjoyed within Gamedec was the relationship system, interviews, and the consequences. You will meet people within the real world or within the games you may find elsewhere. Doing a side quest within the case may help you with the current or gain a friend to help you in the future. The virtual world potentially hides powerful people in the real world. The same people remember your actions in the case and down the line. Times doing actions within the case can hamper your ability to get more vital info from them. Interviewing people brings up a bar that can go left or right spending on actions. You are shown the marks to aim for different information to gain. The player can not just pick all options in this case as you have to deduce what would be the best path to gain trust or intimidate to get the info you need. The consequences of the multiple outcomes of the cases or how you treat others can continue through the entire game. I loved how detailed the world was, not only to give numerous ways to go about the cases or ways to get the information you need but how those different methods could be good or bad depending on what happens later in the game or even the next case.

The story can unfold in different ways of how the player goes about solving the cases. Going into the other games can be neat, but they also have their own odd mechanics. This includes doing minigames or actions that are part of that game. Notably, one game is a wild west farming sim. Though it felt right to Gamedec, I felt some of the minigames fell short or wanted more time and player input. Playing the actual “game” didn’t feel as much of a payoff as the time you had to put into it. Times I felt the tracking of stats like in another where you see if you see how many times you killed or died never played a direct link to the case at the time. I felt they tried to add just a little too much, then more content elsewhere within the game.

Overall this is a fantastic detective game that fans of detective games will want to get. The entire game is well thought out and put together. The weight of everything you do is accounted for. Details gathered in the codex help remind and tell you of the world you are learning about. The music, sounds, and visuals feel suited to the settings of the worlds you go in. Based on a book saga, you can then enjoy the source material from the game. The in-depth detail that Gamedec did is something I hope to see more and more. Not just in detective games but more story-based games as a whole.


  • Amazing Detective Game
  • Rich Branching Story
  • Well Thought Out Visuals and Settings


  • Extra tasks in the “games” feel lacking

FoxieEXE gives Gamedec for PC a Drastik Measure of 9.0 out of 10.0 (90)