Fight Crab – PC Review

Fight Crab – PC Review
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Genre: Pvp 3D action
Developer: Calappa Games
Publisher: PLAYISM
Release Date: July 29th, 2020
Edited by AlexKnight2005

Fight Crab is a comical physics-based fighting game where you use crabs to fight other crabs in a very unrealistic setting. This unrealistic comical setting is its greatest boon as you are using weapons and your claws while doing anything a crab can do. Fight Crab is not the only crab-based game from the developer. Caplappa Games also did another silly crab shooter called Neo Aquarium – The King of the Crustaceans back in 2015. This game does not require a controller, but it is just recommended by the game. From playing the game, I find it is a must. It was very silly to play realistic-looking crabs doing silly dueling with crazy weapons.

Fight Crab is a simple concept where you control a crab and fight other crabs. The game does give an in-depth tutorial on functions and controls before putting you into a fight. Your crab can do pretty much what a crab does as you use each joystick on your controlling to handle your claws. The bumpers control closing your claws for blocking and grabbing while the triggers are your main attack in a punch. The movement is a bit odd as it is by your D-Pad. The camera is controlled by R3 and L3, which is when pressing the buttons on the joysticks. Moving both your joystick left and right allows you to rotate. The controls are very well thought out and help prove less thought and more action. Each map you fight in contains waves of enemies that normally entail one or two crabs you beat to continue. As you beat the crabs, you unlock the ability to buy the crab and the weapons they use. This is where the game slowly starts getting crazy as you move from your normal claws to knives, katanas, jets, guns, great hammers, and tons more. The second map you run into makes you seem like a giant crab as you can grab cars and trees in a city. The random objects can be thrown or used as temporary weapons. Hitting the enemy increases its percent damage. Increased percentages increase your ability to knock them on their back. A crab is defeated once it’s on its back, and after a small countdown, it’s out. All Crabs and weapons have their own stats, and defeating crabs give you money, and you can go back and get more money from the fights. You can even use the money to level up your crab’s current stats.

The combat and wild weapons you swing around also have their own mechanics. Blocking can force the enemy to drop their weapon, and you can even use an empty claw to grab a weapon from the enemy. The overdrive system allows for a burst of power and doing more damage. Sadly while all this so far sounds amazing and fun, the physics system is its greatest weakness. Weapons work ok as you swing them around as much as a crab can though many times, you will feel the movement restricted as the cluttered parts or small areas of the stages don’t seem to work well. To make matters worse the game doesn’t seem to play nice as some crabs get stuck or can’t move on half the stages. Weapons are mixed bags as if it’s just chaos to add for the sake of adding. Even though the combat seems fun and complex, the physics and how you defeat enemies just turn it into a spam fest of small weapons. Stun locking and constant inability to move based on your crab choice and stage are common. Many times while playing, some enemies will be stuck or trapped where you can not progress or instantly win the fight from them being stuck. Bugs don’t end there as completing the game made me learn there were voice actors for the crabs in the credits, but I didn’t hear any of them throughout the game. I felt myself ignoring most of the mechanics of moves you can do as it felt clunky or not working correctly. The camera would go haywire as often as the movement would. There are only a few good stages and fights also there are plenty of badly done ones with unpolished physics and mechanics. Visuals, music, and looks couple with the aim of the gameplay is what makes the game great, but it really failed in the execution to make it seem very lazy. It is sad to say so as the game itself does run smoothly, and the looks of the game are great, while everything negative is on the most important part, the gameplay.

Fight Crab feels more like an early beta than a full release. The game needs way more polishing, and I would argue removing the physics-based combat would do more for it. Online play is nice, but the imbalance does suck the fun from it. I would recommend it to anyone looking at the game and thinking it’s fun, it does work on some levels, but for the most part, I found it unfinished and buggy. Anyone else that is on the fence about it, I would say it’s best to avoid. Fight Crab was one I was excited to try out, and I did have hopes for the game, but its execution left me more depressed at the fail potential it could have been.


  • Amazing Concept
  • Visually Well Designed
  • Runs Smooth


  • Buggy
  • Gameplay Executed Poorly

FoxieEXE gives Fight Crab a Drastik Measure of 6.0 out of 10.0 (60).