Disintegration – PC Review

Disintegration – PC Review
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Genre: Real-time First Person Shooter
Developer: V1 Interactive
Publisher: Private Division
Release Date: Jun 15th, 2020
Edited by AlexKnight2005

Disintegration is a first-person shooter that mixes real-time squad tactics with it. Disintegration places the player as the pilot Romer as you fly the Gravcycle on missions with the other characters you meet. The game is brought to us by the company founded by the co-creator of Halo. Unfortunately, V1 Interactive is just now closing after less than a year of launching this title which was their debut game as well.

Disintegration starts out introducing the nature of the world it takes place in. The integration progress of people transferring themselves into robotic units. The extremist Rayonne or Red-Eyes, as they referred to, are set as the main enemies in Disintegration, set to wipe out human society. After a cutscene of a flying prison being destroyed and the main character being released, you are introduced to members of the resistance against the Rayonne forces. Visuals in the game are very straightforward as the red and dark ones are the bad guys. While the good guys are bright and colorful. Visuals in the environments and details of the post-apocalyptic-looking wilderness are done well, and the details of the characters and scenes are fleshed out well and detailed. Music and the like can feel generic, although the voice acting done well. The arch-types feel very predictable with no one character not feeling unique or standing out to the point they can be used as another example of every character that they mimic. The main character is your good hero guy, your big tough guy, the wise old man, young not-so-serious type, and the tough girl to bring some examples. Nothing of them makes them stand out from sounding or being a stereotype or generic character. Not even the main character seems memorable. The objectives and story in the missions are nice with the talking between the characters. Many of the times, they are more interesting than the cutscenes between the missions. You have a small hub-like area that you mostly hear what each character is thinking from mission to mission, but it is not needed. The other characters give challenges or secondary objectives for their next mission. For the most part, it felt like walking around the hub as something useless or more was planned for it and never got done. All upgrades and the like are found in the mission and are equipped before the mission starts from the terminal.

Gameplay would have saved the game from the mediocre characters and story, but it falls short being mixing first-person shooting and squad-based tactics by doing neither well. Each unit has a special ability on a cooldown, and the player can tell them to follow, wait/go to a location, interact with an object, or have everyone focus on one target. The simple commands would be good if they had the A.I. to back it up. This can be very confusing as the enemy uses cover from trees to the entire environment, and as well as, your allies seem to actively avoid it unless you tell them to move to interactable cover through scan mode. When you order your allies to follow, they will stay as close to you as possible while firing at the enemy, and when told to focus a target, they tend to run up point-blank to a target when told to stay in one place they seem to react only when in range. Neither of the commands will make your allies use cover effectively compared to the enemy. Most of the time, it feels like doing no tactical actions will work better, as they don’t do anything but stand still or run at the enemy firing. They will constantly ignore enemies and run over mines that will kill. The A.I of your allies seems to be “fire at who is close.” The ones you command are the ones that loot and activate switches. Your troops respawn in a cooldown way if they are down, and you go near where they died. You do have a healing skill that is effective in healing them as your gravcycle is all-purpose support. The below-par squad A.I. and commands are one of the worst I have dealt with most games. This would not be an issue if the First Person Shooter side was good. The Gravcycle is a neat idea, but the player has to rely heavily on the command mechanic while the cycle does most things just ok. The damage feels as if you are just like one of the soldiers you command or less. Your ability to take damage makes you more of a support unit. You are very mobile, including being able to levitate high in the air, but this doesn’t help dodge as much and mixed with the lacking damage, you are not able to flank the enemy well. Your allies would more than likely die as you have to ditch them to flank an enemy with your mobility. The scan feature is ok to get details on objects to loot/interact with. The overfocus on your unit abilities make them seem you have to use them all the time they are off cooldown. The first-person shooting doesn’t feel engaging or even fun with the weapon that is on the cycle. You will feel you are just going from one group of enemies to another. The first mission felt exactly like all the other games.

Disintegration shows promise in its design, but its execution as a game is subpar. It feels like a beta in the gameplay then a full release as it tries to do both something like a real-time strategy and a first-person shooter and doing neither well. I do fully believe if they focused on either first-person shooter or strategy, they would have a solid game. Unfortunately, with the studio closing and this was their debut title. I don’t believe they will improve it or do any redesigns. This is a that looks nice and runs smooth, but that’s all it does. I’m struggling to think of who to recommend this to as there isn’t anything special about it. The gameplay is lacking to any type of person that would want something like Disintegration. It has the visuals and optimization, but it feels like wasted work on something that didn’t deserve it.


  • Good Visuals
  • Runs Smooth


  • Lackluster Gameplay
  • Mechanics not Fully Flushed Out
  • Bad A.I. on Both Sides.

FoxieEXE gives Disintegration a Drastik Measure of 5.4 out of 10.0 (54)