PONG Quest – PC Review

PONG Quest – PC Review
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Genre: Action-adventure RPG
Developer: Chequered Ink Ltd.
Publisher: Atari Inc.
Release Date: April 21st, 2020
Edited by AlexKnight2005

Pong Quest takes the classic game Pong and turns it into a dungeon crawler where all battles are pong matches with different consumable balls. Pong Quest gives a spin on a style of game I never thought I would be playing in the present day but adds enough to feel like its own game. The simple and to-the-point game does make it an easy game for anyone to pick up, including those that normally don’t play games.

Pong Quest has a story, and it’s a simple one to give reason to go into these dungeons in the castle. You take on the challenge of the King to collect the orbs and open the Spooky Door. The gameplay itself is simple and to the point, as you play Pong with some extra rules and twists. Each dungeon’s goal is to reach the end to defeat the boss. Enemies, puzzles, and traps can be in the rooms of the floors. You can level up and choose one of three options to upgrade. Defeating enemies gains more consumables expands more cosmetics for your character. The health bar is an interesting mechanic where it isn’t just lowered by scoring a point on the enemy, but each time you hit the ball, you lost one point of health. This puts pressure to not make the game last long for either side but to put a timer like a mechanic. When you or the enemy reach zero, they must score a point to win but move twice as slow at this critical state. This is mixed with the consumable balls that change how the balls act or give interesting changes on the field, making Pong more interesting and give more thought into the game. When swapping to a ball and equipping it in real-time it is consumed when you hit the ball, and that effect is used. Most enemy types will have the ones they use the most while giving the player those as loot on defeating them. The limit of types of consumable balls is the challenge as you pick and choose while they do stack on themselves to save lots for later. Potions to heal or even ones that create barriers exist but take up valuable slots that you could have powerful offensive balls. Consumables can be gained mid-battle by hitting the ball into them, but the enemy can get them as well, but these don’t count to your limit and are perfect to use as soon as you gain them as well, and rewards more skilled gameplay. The offense effects from them can range from doing more damage on hit or score to giving the ball wilder movements. The game itself is casual, and being Pong it does allow anyone to pick up and play.

The look of Pong Quest is simple and bright as the scheme works well. The simple and happy designs play to its strength of being a simple and fun game while making it silly to dress up your character. The extra cosmetics are gained as you play the game from the shop and enemies. The music is happy and suiting, as it does sound silly which also adds to the humor of it being a Pong dungeon crawler. The game does run smoothly and has very minimum system requirements that can be run on even a cheaper laptop. This even includes minimum specs that don’t even need a dedicated graphics card and only two gigabytes of RAM.

Issues with Pong Quest are minor as there are no bugs or major issues. Most issues come from the casual nature of the game and the simplicity of getting the best of it in some mechanics. Enemies in the dungeon can easily be avoided or run from if you didn’t get ambushed. The experience gained can feel low by the risk of slowly losing health while fighting them. Even if it’s one health per ball hit, it does add up that and doesn’t make it feel it is worth the risk. Some enemies are worse to fight than others to the point I avoided them. Treasures didn’t feel that worth it, as the loot just felt like rewards from combat but without the combat or experience. As a casual game, I feel it doesn’t harm the game, but anyone looking for more depth will maybe feel bored.

Overall this was better put together than I was expecting. I felt like they made a Pong game that is fun and enjoyable. I would only recommend this to anyone that is looking for a Pong over a dungeon crawler. It is also refreshing to see a solid title that almost any PC or laptop can run. The strength of the game is also its faults as a casual game as it just is better and more enjoyable Pong.


A fun version of pong
The game can run on the worst computers
Silly and light-hearted


Can get repetitive very quick
Lack-luster progression and rewards

FoxieEXE gives Pong Quest a Drastik Measure of 7.1 out of 10.0 (71)