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Genre: Open-world action RPG
Developer: Experiment 101
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Release Date: May 25th 2021
Edited by AlexKnight2005

Biomutant is an open-world action RPG brought to us by Experiment 101. Founded by one that used to be with Avalanche Studios on the game series Mad Max and Just Cause. Biomutant first was teased back in 2017 and has finally been released. One of the biggest pluses of this game is it is one of the few open-world action RPGs that has a teen rating. Most of the bigger games that involve such tend to be mature ratings. From playing from start to finish, I feel this one would even be ok for younger teens as well.

Biomutant’s story is simple, as you are tasked with destroying the large creatures trying to destroy the Tree of life called the World eaters. The second part is bringing peace to those around through a war between tribes. Mix in the middle is your rough childhood and a revenge plot. The story takes place after the world is ruined by pollution. Through the toxins and destruction, life adapted, and for better or worse, this is what was left of their world. The world didn’t forget how it happened or what was to blame. The outcome of the game falls along the alignments of light and dark. Light believes the Tree of life needs to be saved, as it is something bringing life back to the world and renewing the lands. It’s proof that the world is ready to move on. Dark believes the Tree of life needs to die along with the old world and let survival of the fittest will decide in the new world to be born from the ashes. The game doesn’t judge you for how you believe the world should move on or the tribe you pick to side with to help your goal. The story is narrated fully as if it is a story being read by David Shaw Parker. The narrator does an amazing job telling the world and talking about the places you go to but can be annoying how he comments on everything, including the time of day. It is charming and nice but thank god there is a way to turn it off between the important things. It is an instance of too much of a good thing. Besides the main story, you get the feeling that the world is ending. Throughout the game as the looming death of the Tree of life is near. The people in the world are not hidden from what is going on either. The environment also does an amazing job showing the effects of the toxic pollution in their world, and even a part of the world the tree of life hasn’t touched yet. The side characters you run into as the player goes over the different walks of life and desires of those that live in the world. Random civilians can even point the player to a side character that can give upgrades to something major.

Gameplay is not complex and is fun. It is way better and more smooth with a controller than a mouse and keyboard. At the start, you create your character and pick a class. The shape of your character and race is just for stats, but the player can change everything, including the shape. Stronger ones will have bigger muscles, and the smarter ones will have a larger head. You then pick a class that mostly leans into a playstyle, then trapping the playing into one way of playing. At the start, you are gated somewhat with being taught controls and things before you venture fully out. You explore the world, get loot, craft, and level up. Side quests will unlock stronger loot or items to help unlock more areas. Anyone that has played any action game where melee is on one button and ranged is on another, to be used at will, will catch onto the combat effortlessly. Combos are at a max of three buttons, and I rarely felt animation locked in combat. If the player does multiple combos without damage, they can enter a superstate full of ultimate attacks from their weapons. Weapons made from the loot collected rarely is the player given has been fully created weapon. The parts can be mixed and matched to improve or made different ones for different cases. The crafting system can create a wide range of crazy-looking and acting weapons but rarely do the guns go crazy. Though it is fun to use a rifle, then changing one part of your gun, turns it into a shotgun with similar stats. This, by no stretch, is a hard game or one focused solely on combat. Due to this, the game may feel slow-paced. The player is rewarded with adventuring into areas that require elemental resistances and running by places that some may overlook, like manhole covers leading underground or bunkers hidden in a hillside. In many places, you will get more than just items or money like bio-points or psi-points to buy helpful abilities with. Sadly these can not be a mainstay like a melee or guns but add some fun effects. It does feel they underperform compared to other forms of combat. There are static locations for powerful items and loot that at first may seem mundane in the world, going onto new game plus, these are still around the world or to even get a second one. The combat in the game feels simple and safe while being more ambitious in the world and style. It even goes to the types of enemies or types of quests.

Quality of life functions is amazing in Biomutant and more than just for a fast travel system. You can call your mount nearly everywhere, you are given things to checkout/loot in an area when entering, and the game is set up in such a way that the player doesn’t have to do everything in an area. Too many times games force the player to do absolutely everything in the game to get the best stuff and it does not work. Rewarding risk or exploration with the best items. Doing all of a type of quest can give the player a unique part to play with though or added story. New game plus starts the player in the middle of the map and ignores the tutorial or starter story. The player even has all their loot, money, and items. I felt no punishment for playing the game how I wanted or finishing when I wanted for new game plus. The only stuff taken away is major mounts unlocked within the main story. I felt free to do what I wanted, then felt pressured to do something. In some open-world games, there are cases where you feel there are points of no return, and it is all over. I got no such from this one.

The style of the game is colorful, even with the horrors of their apocalypse. The graphics are nice but taxing on my PC compared to others, but even playing at medium quality didn’t take away from the style of the game. The music, sounds, and looks are more Asian themed with the music changing depending on what is happening or the health of the player. The game is a bit buggy out the gate, but I didn’t run into anything game-breaking or crashes. I did feel the jumping and climbing could have been a bit more fluid or tweaked better. Altogether I feel the aspects came together believably. It was amazing for the type of world and game for around twenty gigs space. Though, buildings and some assets were reused in parts. Things didn’t feel out of place or forced in. With the dev team having experience in open-world games and post-apocalyptic settings, I wasn’t surprised with how well the world and style were done.

Overall, Biomutant is a fresh breath of something new. Some may not enjoy it if they are looking for a more hardcore-core single-player game. I for one loved the look and feel, currently enjoying doing more in the new game plus. I feel the combat played it safe but is it a game that most ages and skill levels can play and get something out of the game. The story sets up for a sequel or something like it, and I, for one can’t wait for more. The devs are already addressing bug concerns and looking to add in more features like higher difficulties. This is a great start for the Experiment 101 team, and I was excited that a game we were waiting for was enjoyable. In this day and age, it has been hard to look forward to a big game as most are the same franchises over and over. Good to see more than just indie devs are taking risks and delivering.


  • Fun and Enjoyable
  • Great Open-World Game
  • Lots of Player Freedom
  • Great for Most Age Ranges


  • Not Much Depth in Combat
  • The Simplicity Harms It Some

FoxieEXE gives Biomutant for PC a Drastik Measure of 8.3 out of 10.0 (8.3)