Phantasy Star Online 2 Global IDOLA Collaboration is Available Now

Phantasy Star Online 2 Global IDOLA Collaboration is Available Now

Phantasy Star Online 2 GlobalAnnounces IDOLA Collaboration is AvailableNow

Fully Localized PSO2Comi Web Comicis Now Available and Features a SpecialReward

Tokyo,January 13, 2021 – SEGA today announced their popularfree-to-play online action RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2(Global), launched a new AC Scratch Ticket Collection andin-game rewards with Idola Phantasy Star Saga, a free-to-playmobile role-playing game, on January 12. The collection, which featuresweapon camos and outfits, will be available until February 9. Completingurgent Quests from January 12 through February 9 can earn IDOLA goodies,such as backgrounds, stickers, and a weapon camo!

View the IDOLAChronicles AC Scratch Ticket trailer:

BeginningJanuary 13, players can log in and receive TOKYO BONUS KEY: GOLD everyday through January 20. If you show up for duty enough, you’ll get aTOKYO BONUS KEY: RAINBOW, an IDOLA POSTER, and more! The TOKYO BONUSKEY: RAINBOW grants access to a limited availability quest that rewardslots of Experience and Meseta. The Rainbow Key is only distributed fromevents or campaigns and cannot be earned in-game normally. ARKS thatrise to the challenge of completing multiple Urgent Quests from January12 through February 9 can earn IDOLA goodies, such as backgrounds,stickers, and a weapon camo!

Other JanuaryEvents include the Zero Meseta Cost Enhancement Campaign, Quest TriggerDistribution Campaign: Where the Chocolate Went, and Death, Destroyer ofWorlds Completion Campaign; all begin on January 20. Certainenhancements of gear and weapons that usually cost Meseta will cost ZeroMeseta through February 2. On January 20th, receive a free WHERE THECHOCOLATE WENT TRIGGER! Rise to the challenge of completing DEATH,DESTROYER OF WORLDS multiple times and you could earn 13*Units!

ThePSO2Comi: Phantasy Star Online 2 Comic web comic is availableto read in English now on:

New episodes ofthe web comic will be available every weekday in English simultaneouslyalongside their Japanese release. Don’t miss a code at the bottom of thefirst episode to trade at a Visiphone for an in-game item!

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