Paradise Killer – PC Review

Paradise Killer – PC Review
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Genre: Open world Exploration Investigation
Developer: Kaizen Game Works
Publisher: Fellow Traveller
Release Date: September 4th, 2020
Edited by AlexKnight2005

Paradise Killer is a mature free-roaming murder mystery on a strange island in a unique world. As detective Lady Love Dies, you explore the island looking for clues and talking to those still left on the island. The suspects for the murder are on the island, and no one else can leave till you solve the mystery. The world of Paradise Killer is set in a different dimension in reality in a world of demons, gods, and the plans to protect and resurrect them. Being in a unique and bizarre world that doesn’t follow rules we are used to provides more mystery as you explore and learn more about the world and the crimes.

I myself am a big fan of mystery and detective stories, and I’m happy to say that Paradise Killer doesn’t disappoint. The story following Lady Love Dies and her release from over three million day exile is one of many stories the game follows. The world is very flushed out, leaving little unturned. That can be said, with the design of the game in total. I did not sense things were just, “copy and pasted” or done without reason. Everything that was placed seemed to be with a reason. The overall design is a central theme that reflects 80’s style with synth music to add to it. The bright colors and paradise feel adds amazing contrast to the story. It all ties together too well. When talking to others, there is a bit of a graphic novel feel to it. The only issue I have design-wise with the game is the characters are 2-D in the 3-D world that looks exactly the same as when you talk to them. Though seems like a minor detail as you play, it can seem out of place with everything else being in large detail. The game isn’t fully voice acted as the characters have some lines they talk but still pass as being well done. I feel these two issues are the only things even wrong with the game, with so much being done amazingly well.

The devs also seemed to understand what makes a good detective game with so much detail that can go into a mystery itself. Going to details of the story itself without spoiling much is you are part of the Syndicate. The ruling class of an island that is destroyed and rebuilt in an alternative reality made by the Syndicate with the help of a now-dead god. Lady Love Dies is released from her exile to solve the mystery of a grave crime of the Syndicate, and she is seen as the only one that can uncover the truth. Though seen as evil to humans of earth, the primary goal of the Syndicate is to resurrect these gods. Talking to the cast of suspects provides more than just the mystery but the world and the main character’s past.

The gameplay is mostly exploring and collecting as you search for details and clues. Collectibles are plentiful on the island that mostly provides more backstory and more of the world with some key items hidden in. I feel the amount of collectibles help hide the really important ones and clues. There are audio clues for them all when something is nearby. The currency used in fast traveling and the unlockables don’t feel too hard to find or too much to come by. Upgrades for your character are carefully mixed in, with rarely any hard clues where some are. All details are logged in your laptop as it tracks not only what you have seen but all details of the case or cases you encounter. This also connects current leads to know “what to do next” along with dividing clues into sections like alibis and lies proven by others. Unless you have a lead the game will not track it. Many times you will destroy clues unconnected till you follow leads that connect that one to it. The game doesn’t do all the work for you as you must still piece them together as you do a court trial at the end of the game once you are ready. Many times lies or clues are unconnected to the crimes, and times you could be just uncovering something else of the character than something involving the crimes. If you are reckless or don’t follow through, you could end up not finding the true criminals and end up punishing victims. At the end of the game, it does an amazing job not telling you if you were right or wrong in carrying out your justice as it is all based on the facts you find.

Paradise Killer is one of those games I hope becomes a large franchise or series be it in more games or other media like movies or shows. Though a mature game for sure. The world created and its set-up of the mysteries does more than most games. The feeling of actually having to solve something and being drawn into an engaging story is too far between as many games feel lacking or something was missing to be left out. Paradise Killer’s few flaws are so small with everything else that was done so well in the game. I recommend this fully to anyone that is a fan of story-driven mysteries or detective games as this one is one I hope for more of in the future.


  • Amazing story
  • Amazing style and soundtrack
  • Very engaging murder mystery


  • 2-D Character models in the world feel off

FoxieEXE gives Paradise Killer a Drastik Measure of 9.3 out of 10 (93)