Hunting Simulator 2 – PC Review

Hunting Simulator 2 – PC Review
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Genre: Hunting simulation
Developer: Neopica
Publisher: Nacon
Release Date: July 16th, 2020
Edited by AlexKnight2005

Let me begin with I will be comparing this game to other hunting simulators. It’s the only fair way we can approach this game. Let’s start with the price currently, the game on steam is $39.99 for that price you would expect a full game with robust systems. UI for this game is minimal at best, to me it seems they did not put any thought or resources into developing a clean and unique user interface. But on the other hand, It’s possible that development time was spent on other aspects of the game. The ballistics in the game seems to be lacking with no bullet drop and oddly they added hit markers into a hunting game.

As far as simulation goes the only simulation in this arcade hunting game is water physics. After, spending more time in the game the more I found that the world did not draw me in. One of the biggest things that broke my immersion was glitchy tree textures and a new hybrid tree they have created with was dubbed the perch, half pine half birch. Also seeing seams of two textures trying to compete for the same screen space was painful. The other eyesore that was so glaring is that I can’t believe it passed QA was the texture popping with a scope, without it did not matter. We are also treated to some truly horrific LOD and fur textures on all of the animals. Other things not present in other hunting sims the added icons when you spot and animal breaks the immersion further.

Now let’s talk out about another feature but this time it comes with a little bad and a little good. The new companion system on the surface looks great and inaction presents some new hurdles for the game. The first dog that you get does pretty much as advertised it helps you find prey and find those kills you need to bag. But after spending time with the system the dog takes a long time to train properly to help better aid you. This seems to be one of the few progression systems present in this hunting simulator. For most games in this genre, they give you some sort of skill tree-style progression that ties into getting better guns and better abilities to help you hunt. My wish is that they would have done this kind of system with the player and the companion, but they missed the mark.

The only progression for myself as a player in this game was the grind to get more money for better guns and equipment. But it seemed meaningless to get other weapons since most of them did not show huge improvements from the cheaper equipment. Speaking of equipment I could not find any variable scopes for the weapons which seems odd. After some time with the weapons at the in-game range, we find that the compound bow and crossbow had what I would call odd ballistics. Moreover, the added equipment such as wind spray which felt out of place. A lot of the game comes off as a very arcade in setup. This confused me as some things adhere to the realistic and others felt way too arcady as far as decisions go.

The money grind as we will call takes quite a lot of patience. Most kills will barely cover the cost of bullets and the license required. Also, you have to make sure you use the right caliber round for each animal. The other system of taking your money is a way of fines and penalties. Shoot the wrong animal to many time’s penalties, shoot the wrong sex you guessed it, it’s a penalty. So be well-prepared for your hunt and do not overbuy so you can keep yourself in the black and on your way to making more money.

Ultimately I feel like this game is a step back from the original. The lack of multiplayer, the lack of polish, the lack of mission, and the progression does not add up to me for this game. I felt like I was playing an alpha or first stage early access when playing the game. From the look and feel of the game, it seems rushed with minimal testing or quality control. Maybe given some time the game could mature but I feel like this is the final product given the developers lack of a roadmap or progress report. It seems as if the developer is taking their time to gather their thoughts and work towards a future state of the game or announce some sort of future DLC or updates we can look forward to.

My final verdict on the game is if you are looking for a relaxed bug-free experience go elsewhere. But if you’re still itching to play a new hunting game overall it fine, just know what you’re getting yourself into. My advice is to wait for a price drop or a heavy discount on the game or at the very least a developer update to fix the issues presented.


  • Companion system
  • The setting of the hunt
  • Water Physics
  • Good character controls


  • Texture bugs
  • Glitches
  • Lack of Progression System
  • Lack of Missions
  • Lack of Pacing

Healshot gives Hunting Simulator 2 a Drastik Measure 4.5 out of 10 (45).