Sky Racket PC Review

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Genre: Action-adventure shoot’em up
Developer: Double Dash Studios
Publisher: Double Dash Studios
Release Date: October 22, 2019
Edited by AlexKnight2005


Sky Racket is one of the most interesting concepts that I have seen that I wouldn’t have thought possible to make without first playing it. Sky Racket combines the sidescrolling bullet-hell style game design but with pong. Armed with a tennis racket you weave through the enemies and the attacks to use some of the attacks as a ball to knock back and defeat them. You go through a few increasingly difficult worlds as either RacketBoy or RacketGirl to not only progress through but complete the challenges each stage has.

Sky Racket starts very simple as you’re introduced to the fun cartoon-like world and the basics of the game, after which you progress through multiple worlds that have two stages each and one boss. You knock back the ball like attacks with your racket to attack the blocks and the enemies. You progress through the stage as you defeat the enemies but are rewarded through a combo system for not being hit, destroying more blocks and enemies, and the stars that drop from them all. Not all attacks can be knocked back so you have to weave through projectiles while angling yourself right to hit the ball in the directions you want. Some enemies can even be hit with your racket but those are special cases when they have a green outline on them. Companions are unlocked through your journey after the first stage of each world. After this, you can find them in-game. Each has a nice ability but goes away if you get hit. Sky Racket starts easy but it does get hard fast with it being a short game. Most of the difficulty of the game comes from defeating the final worlds and completing the challenges of each stage. Being able to co-op with a friend adds to the fun but each will have to weave and dodge just as much. The gameplay is very simple and straightforward, but it helps in the long run as the game will have you worrying about too much to care for needing another control input to remember. Sky Racket faults on not going wilder early on as they do the later stages and being short. I feel more stages or even a couple more worlds or bosses would add a lot to the game. The first two worlds out of the five worlds seem overly simple with no real struggle to them compared to the rest. The game also adds an “assist” mode that also offers a toggleable god-mode for those that find the later ones too hard or just want to play the game. It was nice to see something of the sort as an option as most games years ago had similar options for the heck of it. Completing the game also unlocks an arcade mode which allows you to play a one life run to see how high of a score you can get playing from start and hopefully finish.

The look of Sky Racket is upbeat, fun, and cartoon-like. Despite the story of you trying to save the world from a tyrant, the game keeps a happy fun tone the entire time. The fun tone continues to the design of the enemies being cuter than scary. The ranges from cats that look like hot dogs to silly raccoons trying to slow you down. The music fits great with the setting of the game with bright colors and flashing lights. It runs smooth and nice on the switch docked and undocked. I found it a nice game to play on handheld more than on the tv unless you are doing the two-player mode.

Sky Racket is a mash-up of two different games into an enjoyable arcade title. Dodging the enemies and bullets to then wack some of them back into the enemies is a silly nice twist on a classic style of an arcade game. At first glance, it seemed like an upscaled flash game but I’m happy to be surprised at a fun and surprisingly well-polished arcade game. It mixed two types of arcade generations I never thought of and that being tennis or a pong-like game with a side-scrolling shooter. The simple controls mixed with adding the ability to change the ball’s direction from your angle of hitting it makes it engaging enough to give a feeling of your effort paying off while still being able to complete it if you didn’t dive that deep into thinking how to hit it. The few flaws are overshadowed as a whole but most of all I was surprised by the length of the game. I do wish more was added to the game in turns or stages or even different game modes to mix it up further. With the foundation of a fun arcade game Sky Racket is, it will be neat to see what more could be done in a sequel. If you’re looking for a fun simple arcade game for the switch be sure to check it out. If you’re unsure if you would enjoy it or not there is also a demo on Steam if you want to try it out. I feel this type of game fits perfectly for the switch compared to the PC though. Any fan of arcade games shouldn’t have a reason not to give it a try.


  • Great Arcade Game
  • Great Concept of Gameplay


  • Too Short

FoxieEXE gives Sky Racket a Drastik Measure of 7.3 (73)