Starport Delta PC Review

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Genre: Sci-fi Strategy
Developer: Cloudfire Studios
Publisher: Cloudfire Studios
Release Date March 27, 2020
Edited by AlexKnight2005


Space, the Final frontier, but what would it be like living in space, and what would it be like for those who had to manage the places we lived. Starport Delta tries to answer that question with fun gameplay and a surprisingly hilarious and amusing story. Space is such a wondrous setting and the freedom allowed let’s it be used in many ways to varying degrees of success.


Starport Delta has you playing as a commander in the Human Imperials, it is also highly implied though never outright stated that you are a member of the ruling family, likely a prince. You encounter many characters as you play through the story, my favorite two being H.A.S.I.L. an A.I. who takes you through the tutorial alongside the general who is the person sending you out on proper campaign missions and Nod the loveable idiotic goofball Nod. These are just two of the surprisingly large and fully voiced cast of characters, something I greatly appreciated. Being fully voiced acted meant I could take my eyes away from the screen for a moment and still be able to follow the plot and for those who might be having trouble reading the text they can keep up with the story as well. I’m not gonna spoil anything plot-wise but the story has to be one of the more hilarious plots I’ve seen in a while and it just made me smile, especially Nod, the guy just can’t catch a break. I would highly recommend playing through the campaign as well as the tutorial. While the tutorial is complete it does not teach some of the more advanced concepts, like upgrading buildings and using shields. The campaign feels almost like an extended tutorial giving you a relatively stable place for you to learn advanced concepts that can’t be taught in the heavily structured and guided tutorials before turning you out into the chaotic sandbox mode.


Gameplay-wise it has been very fun and also gives me just enough challenge. I wanna keep playing and trying to design bigger larger cities. The challenge isn’t hard enough and drives me insane but still enough to keep me very interested in seeing the improvements and making things work. You have to balance your resources along with your money making sure not to spend too much at once otherwise your creditors will come to reclaim your buildings in order to pay your debts. Eventually, you reach the point you are building armies and interacting with aliens. The hardest part is waiting, because of how the game handles when you run out of money or get low on cash you never want to run low. You end up waiting until you have way more cash than you need. As your money gets pulled out at the end of the day in one big lump sum and you slowly collect more money throughout the day it can seem like your finances are jumping up and down and bouncing all around the place, I learned to spend my cash right after a new day started that way I should have enough by the end of the day in order to pay all my expenses. If you learn to balance this it doesn’t seem like much of a problem but I can see how it can be a struggle for new players.


The game does have an older style to it with its characters. They would not be out of place in a game from five years ago. Everything else has a more modern futuristic look to it including the UI. The UI has hexagonal buttons running along the bottom for building. The coloring and style of these buttons match the buildings placed. The green button, it builds a green little food building. This hexagonal style carries over throughout the whole game such as having the power cells be hexagonal or having the buildings upgrade in hexagonal patterns. The UI is pretty clear as well, the words large enough to read but didn’t cover the screen too much. The style very much fits the theme Starport Delta was going for, modern futuristic and very chic. The only thing that pulls me out of that modern futuristic feeling is the older style characters, they don’t fall into the uncanny valley but they could do with being updated and given a more sleek look to them.


I can see myself coming back to this game over and over again in the future. The story was fun, the gameplay engaging and it didn’t look like utter trash. Having a story mode is something rarer in city builders and I think it benefits Starport Delta massively. Starport Delta is a game that I would recommend to those who like city builders but want something new and fresh. I’m impressed with what Cloudfire Studios has to offer with this game and excited to see what they do in the future.

-A Story mode
-A cast of very creative and fun characters
-A clear tutorial
-Easy to navigate Ui

-The characters look like they are from an older game out of place in the style of the game
-Managing money can be hard at first

Chebkitty gives Starport Delta online a Drastik Measure 8.2 out of 10 (82)