Age of Gladiators 2: Death League – PC Review

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Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Developer: Creative Storm Entertainment
Publisher: Creative Storm Entertainment
Franchise: Age of Gladiators
Release Date: Sep 21, 2017
Edited by Thorstag

Unfinished, unpolished, these words are becoming more and more common as the gaming scene moves into early access or launching games and finishing them after. As the gaming scene grows, these types of practices seem to be growing as well. Age of Gladiators 2: Death League is another in a lineup of games sent off before bug tests and just general playtesting.

Upon the first launch of the game, I had two thoughts. First that I would not need long to know if this game was going to be good or not. Secondly that the game could have come out 20 years ago and still look awful, Age of Gladiators 2: Death League calls back to the old 2001 era games with simple graphics and simple game design. While not bad, it does leave a lackluster taste behind that seemingly dragged down the rest of the game. Even the in-game reason for why all the units look the same doesn’t make how similar they look any better.

I was right in not needing long to know if the game was good, only needing until my first autosave where the game froze then crashed, making me lose my progress of the 20 minutes or more of the over drawn-out tutorial. The games save system would crash half the time or just never finish for hours. I even got up at one point, made dinner, came back, and nothing had happened, still endlessly saving. Consequently, I never got past the first six hours of the game before I would have to end for the day and restart upon the next repeating the unskippable tutorial.

All the bugs and lackluster graphics drowned out the actual good parts of the game, the gameplay. You manage a gladiator team set up for the death arena. Playing somewhat like a FIFA game only without the sports, it makes you really have to concentrate on managing everything right. Do you want to have a second trainer, or maybe a guy who specializes in armor repair, let alone the gladiators and their many skills. Then the battles come, you can either simulate them out or take command yourself and lead the troops to victory in a top-down view. The battles were actually really hard, maybe it was just because I couldn’t afford good gladiators early on, or perhaps it was because the AI cheats, which they do, but I often ended up losing the matches. There were dull moments in between matches and recruiting. Often I would have several days between events that I would be unable to skip through quickly, making the game seemingly stretch out far longer than it actually was well. Other times I had far too many matches in a row.

For a game so unpolished, Age of Gladiators 2: Death League can be a fun and enjoyable time, sometimes. Even if the bugs get patched, and they put out free updates that speed up the gameplay between events, I do not think we should forgive those who decided to publish it this way. If we forgive for this game, what is to say they won’t do so with the next.


  • Genuinely hard matches
  • Easy to get attached to your gladiators
  • The very sleek UI design


  • Way to many bugs
  • The graphics made it hard to have much detail in your gladiators.
  • Very much a spreadsheet Manager

Chebikitty gives Age of Gladiators 2: Death League a Drastik Measure of 3.9 out of 10 (39)

You can find Age of Gladiators 2: Death League on Steam for $14.99, but I wouldn’t recommend it.