Get your hug on! Play the Spiritfarer Demo now!

This is a Press Release by, Thunder Lotus

Hey there, Rodrigue here, filled with much excitement to let you know that the Spiritfarer demo is LIVE right now on Steam! Now’s your chance to get your first taste of the game we’ve been pouring our hearts and souls into for nearly two years now! It’ll be available for only 48-hours, so I do recommend you sail on over to Steam right now, and grab it!

–> Grab the limited-time Spiritfarer demo on Steam HERE!

In the demo, you’ll be playing as Stella (with her trusty feline companion Daffodil – who can be played by a friend on a second controller, if you like!). You’ll meet the snake spirit Summer and fulfilling her last requests before she completes her transition to the afterlife. You’ll learn to improve your boat, explore the world, fish, garden, cook, and more!

As a little bonus to the demo, I’ll be sending you another email with a Mini-booklet introducing the characters of the demo! I Keep your eyes peeled for that!

A couple of questions you may have:

  • Sounds cool! Is the demo also available on [my favorite console/store/mobile, etc.] ? Nope, sorry to disappoint! This was an exclusive initiative put together by Steam and The Game Awards (and I’ll spare you the details of how complicated technically it would be for us to also push a limited-time demo through the rigorous quality control protocols of the consoles).
  • Sounds familiar! Is this the same demo I played at [my favorite game convention]? Pretty much, yes – with a little polish added here and there. Count yourself lucky if you were one of the first few to actually play this demo since we announced the game. This opens up that possibility to millions of other people, so we’re super excited about this – and we hope you’ll tell your friends to check it out too! (You can even play co-op via Steam’s new Remote Play Together feature!)

If you got any other questions, please just answer this mail!

Hope you enjoy the demo!


Rodrigue @ Thunder Lotus