📱Maya Crane’s Murder Case REOPEN!

This is a Press Release by, Another Indie

Detective Murilo is back in business!

I am Detective Murilo and this is an emergency call to all the sharp minded and inquisitive journalists out there! I already reached out to many of you on November 1st but after that, I was investigated by the Department of Internal Affairs —and temporarily removed from my position— so it was impossible to execute our initial plan. Since then, I have been keeping a low profile, working hard and improving our strategy and investigation techniques.

Due to this lapse, some of you may need a refresher, so here’s a quick recap of my previous email: I am desperate and no one in the department has my back on this investigation, so I have decided to bring in outside help. YOU.

I have a case that I think it ‘s right up your alley but be warned, things are about to get weird —Please, check CONFIDENTIAL REPORT: Maya Crane [Unusual Death] for more details—. Everyone says you are the best digging up dirt, so now you have a chance to prove it. If you have the guts to team up with me, follow the instructions and keep you are wits about you, you may be the person for this job. But I need to warn you, you may be in danger.

  WATCH SIMULACRA 2 NEW TRAILER.  A dead influencer. An obsessed detective. YOU    Solve the mysterious death before it happens again

Kaigan Games, creators of the critically acclaimed games such as Sara is Missing and its successor, SIMULACRA, join forces with the Taiwanese-based publisher Another Indie (Yuppie Psycho, SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption) to bring SIMULACRA 2 for iOS and Android, TODAY December 12th ($4.99) – PC version is coming next January 16th, 2020 and Nintendo Switch edition anytime 2020 as well.

SIMULACRA 2 is an immersive narrative thriller that uses a phone interface to tell a creative horror tale that puts the player at the center of the experience. By using familiar apps and exploring a realistic interface, the player uncovers the mystery and —be warned, the truth may disturb you! SIMULACRA 2 twists and expands on the “found phone” format with new inventive apps, a more complex narrative, a larger live-action cast, and a deeper look into a creepy alternate universe where nothing is as what it seems!