Astellia Adds Class Evolutions in Today’s Update

This is a Press Release by, Barunson E&A

Astellia – Class Evolutions Introduced to the MMORPG


The following is a preview of the Class Evolutions system, added to Astellia following today’s maintenance. The system is a way for players to further enhance and diversify their character builds upon reaching the game’s max level of 50.

On Tuesday October 8th, we’ll be introducing the Class Evolution system. Which allows level 50 players to further evolve into one of 3 specializations. Extending the amount of experience a character can earn, by converting it towards star ranks in their chosen evolution. Upon reaching the first star rank, a character will be granted the first of two new exclusive abilities. At third rank, the second exclusive ability will be unlocked. In between these ranks, additional growth will be seen in specific character stats dependent on the evolution chosen.

Ultimately, once a character has reached their fifth-star rank they will be granted a permanent awakening to one of their core abilities. The types of exclusive skills, stats, and awakened ability can be seen by opening the character window (P), and then clicking the ‘Evolution Info’ button. It is worth noting that these exclusive abilities and stats will be retained so long as you maintain the selected evolution and have sufficient star rank to have unlocked them.

Players are not however limited to the single evolutionary path they have chosen, in fact, each one of the earned 5 star Awakened Skills, will be retained even after changing to another evolution path, exclusive skills earned EXP, and stats will not, however. An Assassin for example, that opts to evolve into a Phantom will gain the exclusive skills ‘Shadow Walk’, granting a temporarily increases to movement speed, and ‘Shadow Curse’ which lowers a targets defenses allowing for increased damage to be done.

Along with the awakened version of ‘Smoke Screen’, which grants the additional effect of applying a poison to any hostile target that enters the area while the ability is active. After choosing another evolution path like Nightblade, or Avenger, the Awakened effect on ‘Smoke Screen’ will be retained. Allowing players to further custom tailor their abilities around their preferred play style. We hope you enjoyed this preview of the upcoming Class Evolutions!