Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Switch Review

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Genre: RPG
Developer: Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo Games
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: July 26, 2019
Edited by Thorstag

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a most welcomed addition to the long-running Fire Emblem Series. Fire Emblem: Three Houses continues to build on the turn-based strategy, story, and world the series has grown to one of their best games yet. Lately, Nintendo has not been playing safe with their large titles. Looking to keep the same feel but break the mold they have been having in many game franchises. Fire Emblem: Three Houses does this buy not only introducing us to a new land but by placing you in the role of a professor at a monastery that serves to train the officers of the three main countries of the land. You will pick between the Black Eagles, Golden Deer, or the Blue Lions to teach and train so they can protect their lands one day.

There is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing what house you wish to be part of. Fire Emblem: Three Houses makes a choice easier by the intro missions which involves talking the leaders of the houses which are also the next heirs to their respective lands. They give strengths, weaknesses, and even a summary of their personality into each member. There is even a way to recruit other members from other houses to yours, so there isn’t any worry if you want someone else that isn’t included in the house you choose. The joke about this being Harry Potter but Fire Emblem isn’t far off as you teach and compete with the other houses. Most interactions come from your choice on what to do for the week during your day off. You can explore which allows you to wander around the monastery to learn more stories, interact with students, small quests and activity that can help you or your allies, and find items around that will help you. You can choose to go out and fight bandits or do mission quests, or you can even attend a class another teacher is doing to increase your skills. At the start of the week, you teach your lessons. This is done automatically, but you can give a boost to some students by using motivation your students occur to raising stats of your choice. Most interactions or activities your students are involved in will increase motivation and your support level with them and each other. As support levels grow between you and your students, you gain extra cutscenes to learn more of each student. This adds more to the story and helps in battle as being next to friends will give combat advantages. Though your students will have an advantage in some skills then others you can still train them in other skills to tailor to how you love to play. You can have a playthrough that has many magic users as your friends could have the same students and create more armored or mounted units. There is no wrong way of building as you can still have an expert magic user that can also use a sword. Classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses give the skills and abilities of each class. The game does an amazing job each step of the way explaining the game and features so new players can enjoy it as much as veterans like me. As the story progressives, you will make more and more touch choices that may or maybe be seen as major choices, to begin with.


Combat will feel the same to veterans of the series with a few twists. There is a new gambit system that allows each of your characters to equip soldiers to command into battle. These boosts stats as well as offer the special gambit attacks or support of that unit. This system is added with the new authority skill, which allows more powerful soldiers and attacks. Some gambit attacks will prevent the enemy from moving or each attack multiple units at once. It is not only a buff but a wild card. Though my play, they were fun, enjoyable, and turned the tide when I ran into trouble. I also felt for the first time I was commanding officers with their army then just one person. This was also the first Fire Emblem I felt I could make any style of the army I wanted. Those new to the series will enjoy the simple to play feel of Fire Emblem with learning the little advantages like weapon advantages, terrain, support bonuses and abilities to masterfully make any group in an elite fighting force. Despite all the classes in the game, most of them are specialized more than more powerful. You will get to a point where you don’t need to advance further unless you want to multiclass for abilities. With stats gains are based on each person then class, the game promotes freedom above all. They have stayed true to the visuals from other Fire Emblem games.

Visually everything is perfect, but the main character seems out of place in terms of his clothes. It is just more confusing that the outfit from the expansion pass makes you look more fitting to the game then the default outfit. Some parts are explained in the story, but the clothes don’t match your life before or after joining the school. Music and voice acting are spot on. It is available in both Japanese or English voice acting. I felt both are perfect for the game and one of the few times that neither one is better than the other. Pacing at times can feel odd as some cutscenes will announce an emergency, but you have to wait till the end of the month to do the mission. This is being picky as months in-game normally are quick as you play a week at a time. Replaying on new game plus can speed things up more with a skip function that works like an auto-pilot. Doing some of the tuning and teach on its own as you can rush to the story. This is still the best Fire Emblem I have played, and I didn’t think anything would top Fire Emblem Fates or Awakening to me.  

 Fire Emblem: Three Houses is now on my top list of recommendations for the Switch. This is also by far the best strategy game on the switch as well. When someone asks me what games they should get the Switch, I would tell them you can’t go wrong with Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey, but now I’m going to have to add this one to the mix. The balance of combat and story mix perfect to make you feel the weight choices you make not only in combat but overall. Though only playing through the game once I’m excited to play again on the new game + with other two houses’ story.  


  • Gameplay is Amazing
  • In-depth World and Battles
  • Great Visuals with Amazing Music
  • High-Quality Voice Acting and Story


  • Pacing Off at Times
  • Main Character Seems Out of Place

 FoxieEXE gives Fire Emblem: Three Houses a Drastik Measure of 9.0 (90) 

You can find Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the Nintendo store for $59.99