Lornsword Winter Chronicle – PC Preview

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Developer: Tower Five
Publisher: Tower Five
Release Date: May 29, 2019
Edited By Thorstag

Lornsword Winter Chronicle  is an action style-driven strategy game that takes place in a fantasy universe called the Lorn Empire. You, as the protagonist named Lan Ka are a respected general on the battlefield where you control your army against hordes of enemies. This rich story-driven game is not for everyone, but should you partake in the adventure is totally up to you.

This over the top style game is simplistic in itself but yet looks really good. The graphics of the terrain and the animations of the characters work well as far as being a battle style, Tower Defense game. What stood out is the customization to play this game; however you would like. This meaning When you build your defenses, it is your job to figure out what style and elements you use to defend your compound with limited resources you have. The fog of war brought its uniqueness, and this deemed trouble at times due to how big the map was. However, this could also be overwhelming for a lot of people. That’s why I said this game might not be for everyone.

The music in this game brought the game to a whole new level, really sucked you in. The atmospheric ambiance with the sound effects of birds wind and the sound of your footsteps as you explore the map added to the immersion. Unfortunately In battle the music never really changed much, but overall was still decent.

There is a multiplayer aspect in this game as well, which made the game have a new twist. The fact that you had to go through different missions to unlock such multiplayer action was really a turnoff. The multiplayer aspect is a local split-screen variety, so you’re obviously playing on one computer which is not really negative, but most games nowadays have an online option which this game did not, so it was a turnoff. When you would like to play a game with a person, but it takes approx two hours to unlock this option for a new player, the developers need to figure out a better option.

The ideal way to play this game is with a controller or gamepad, which worked out surprisingly well. No significant learning curve here. They do have a keyboard and mouse option with the keys bound to the controller, so you had options to play either-or. However, I still feel the controller was the best option for this over keyboard and mouse.


  • Variety of Enemies
  • Variety of Map Styles
  • Excellent Choice in Music
  • Unique Playstyle


  • Multiplayer option (UNLOCK)

Wagzal and Isolde give Lornsword Winter Chronical a Drastik Measure of 8.5 out of 10 (85)

Lornsword Winter Chronicle is a unique spin-off of a tower defense game, and as I said earlier, this game is not for everyone. I enjoyed this game for what it is all though It was not my favorite type of game to play. For my Co-streamer, on the other hand, she enjoyed it very much. She would likely play more of this game, but as for me, I’ll hang up my controller and pass on this game. At the time of this review, Lornsword Winter Chronicle is on Steam for $18.99 which my Co-streamer and I agree is a fair price point for this game.