Genesis Alpha One – PC Review

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Genre: Space-based roguelike mixing first-person shooting with spaceship management
Developer: Radiation Blue
Publisher: Team17
Release Date: 1/29/2019
Edited by Thorstag

Genesis Alpha One is a mix of roguelike shooter, base building, and survival that puts you in the role of an interstellar pioneer. In the near future ravaged by wars, corrupt regimes and global capitalism left unchecked have resulted in natural resource over-exploitation and pollution; devastating the planet. Supported by Earth’s remaining governments, four powerful corporations initiate the Genesis program.

As the captain of the titular ship, players have to traverse space to find new homes for humanity, or at least humanity’s DNA. Doing that involves building and managing the spaceship, creating clones, and fighting aliens in FPS battles. While you’ll be in direct control of the captain, it looks like you’ll still get help from the rest of the crew, who run around the spaceship and join their captain on dangerous away missions. On planets, there are resources to harvest and new aliens to meet (and also harvest), and from the looks of things, plenty of threats. Presumably, there will be nice planets, too. I mean, you’re not going to pick a horrible, deadly world as a new home for humanity.
Genesis Alpha One’s art style is terrific. Taking cues from the likes of Alien and 2001: A Space Odyssey’s style, it has a wonderfully retro, lo-fi future aesthetic. While there are touchscreens about your vessel, it is the traditional, old school keyboards littered with Kanji character keys.

The graphics are good, if a little bland, and even though the movement feels fast, it also succeeds at being a solid shooter.

Now on to the juicy part…The gameplay. First and foremost the gameplay isn’t pristine but definitely is smooth enough to enjoy. When first loading in, you get the overwhelmed feeling because the game gives you tasks to start adding to your ship and what not which means opening up the building screen and starting to attach rooms to your ship. After getting past that you then need to go to the new room and either do the tasks yourself or have another member of your crew(AI) take control of that said task. The Aliens are a pain in the rear, but fun to fight if that makes sense. Overall a very polished game, and I enjoy playing this title.

Final thoughts for the game. Genesis Alpha One is a great title. If you enjoy FPS games with building and survival aspects, then this game is for you! The Soundtrack was fun to listen to at first but became very loopy with only a little over one hour of music, but that isn’t enough to make you stop playing.


  • Graphics
  • Space Survival FPS
  • Building a Spaceship to your liking


  • Soundtrack Loop
  • Single Player

TwiztedOutlaw gives Genesis Alpha One a Drastik Measure of 8.0 out of 10 (80)

The price on this title is at $29.99 on Epic Games Store and is well worth the cost to be honest. The survival based FPS is what made me like this game so much. Go pick this game up and become the captain of your ship and survive.