Neverinth – PC Preview

Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Developer: CreAct Games
Publisher: Another Indie
Franchise: Another Indie
Release Date: Apr 30, 2019
Edited by Thorstag

There are some games that are great and some games that are bad, and then there are games that are so bad they are good. Neverinth is sadly one of those games, it has lots of lofty ideas that they might get there one day as they seem to be patching the game continually, but they fall short on so many. At the same time, the game is one I would recommend to anyone who likes to play games like Spelunky and Rogue Legacy as a good try at the genre.

The gameplay is always a big one in these types of games and the gameplay in Neverinth is no exception. Each weapon I used felt just right, especially the great sword which became my go-to weapon surprising me as I’m the person who likes fast weapons. The auto-generated levels looked amazing but sadly, that is where I ran into trouble. The enemies are horrible, especially if you get a pair of ax-wielding enemies in a small room. You can very quickly go from full health down to being dead if you get caught by an enemy as they very easily stun lock you and all of the weapons I tried the swing was just long enough for them to hit me again. AS long as you came across enemies one by one and took them out with one major hit you were good, but in the end, every other run ended with me pinned in the corner of one of the first three rooms with ax wielders chopping away at my health.
Luckily that is where the bad ends, mostly. The graphics and art style of the game well not the best give the game a unique look that left me spellbound looking around at statues and even the bosses. Every boss I encountered left a distinct impression on me and tied in quite well to the style of the level around them from musty gladiatorial tunnels to the frosty bookshelves of a cold library. Every object in each level from enemies to items you could collect tied into the world around it.

The story of Neverinth is not great; most of the cool stuff occurring far long ago in the past. The game pulls heavily from Norse mythology, taking place many many years after Ragnarok, the final battle in Norse mythology. The labyrinth that makes up the world of Neverinth formed from a seed of Yggdrasil inside the eye of Odin which he chucked into the river of chaos. They set up a unique world and populate it exceptionally. This unique world is where it falls short. Unfortunately, your goal in this world is only to be a better fighter; there is no saving a damsel in distress or conquering the world. You start as a Valkyrie wanting to be a better fighter, and there is no end, or at least not one currently. The game is in early access, but I feel as if an ending should have been one of the first things they put in. Now I might not have just reached it as the game forces you to redo the whole journey every time you die, and I only ever made it to the second boss and never beat him even after facing him fifteen times.

Neverinth has far to grow and unfortunately was released for too early. The gaming industry has a habit, especially Indie, of pushing out a game for early access or betas when they need more time. Some games benefit from these periods while others should have stayed and only come out once they’re finished. I recommend this game to fans of the genre but not at the current price.


  • Interesting Lore
  • Weapons feel just right


  • Enemies Stunlock you quite easily
  • The generation of levels could be better

Chebkitty gives Neverinth a Drastik Measure 6.6 out of 10 (66)

Check it out on Steam for $15.99