Killer Queen Black Swarms Nintendo Switch and Xbox Retailers

This is a Press Release by,  Liquid Bit

Pre-orders are now available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with exclusive controller skins


EDISON, NEW JERSEY – May 28, 2019  Killer Queen Black, the strategic eight-player arcade action platformer from Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games, arrives at retailers this Summer for Nintendo Switch and in Fall for the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, courtesy of distributor Nighthawk Interactive. Priced at $29.99, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox retail editions include exclusive Killer Queen Black-themed controller skins. Pre-orders are currently available for both platforms through GameStop (SwitchXbox), Amazon (SwitchXbox) and Best Buy (SwitchXbox), and coming soon to Target. 

Inspired by the arcade esport phenomenon Killer QueenKiller Queen Black harkens back to its arcade roots with a Glam Rock-inspired 16-bit pixel art style and rocking ’80s metal tunes to match. Players battle for the hive online in two teams of four (Gold versus Blue), comprised of one Queen and three Workers, and can face opponents from other platforms with full cross-play across Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. 

Killer Queen Black introduces the new Black team, recognizable by their special, glowing outfits. Any team that faces and triumphs over the Black team dethrones them and takes their place on the stream. These relentless competitions will be constantly streamed online to spotlight skilled gameplay and keep the buzz going around the coveted Black team position. 

The Killer Queen Black physical edition includes: 

·        Cross-Platform Multiplayer – Fast-paced and reactive multiplayer awaits two teams of four players each to compete across six different maps. Complete cross-platform functionality enables Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One players to team up and battle it out as they aspire to ascend the ranks and become the dreaded Black team; 

·        Three Victory Conditions – A match ends once one team has won three times, and wins can be achieved in three ways. Workers can earn an Economic Victory by collecting berries on the battlefield and bringing them back to their home base. Soldiers and Queens can claim a Military Victory by slaying the opposing team’s Queen three times. And, sometimes slow and steady wins the race with the Snail Victory, which players can earn by slowly riding the snail waiting in the middle of each map back to base;

·        Three Game Modes – Quick Matches are ready for those eager to leap into the fray, Ranked for those who want to rise to the top, while Custom games offer a private sandbox for players to invite friends or play with AI.

·        Exclusive Controller Skins – Players can flaunt their dedication to becoming the Black team with exclusive themed Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Xbox Wireless Controller skins, made of top 3M vinyl skin material with precision fit and is easy to apply and remove.

Killer Queen Black is developed by Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games, and will be distributed at retail by Nighthawk Interactive. Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One physical editions are available now at retailers for $29.99. ESRB rating pending.

 About Liquid Bit

The Chicago-based Liquid Bit Liquid Bit is a group of builders, dreamers, designers, and developers. We make games that bring people together through innovative gameplay and design. We want to challenge you with games that are easy to learn but hard to master. We want to go beyond just a game and deliver a connected experience. We believe that good software should elicit an emotional response. But most of all, we believe that games are just more fun when played together.


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BumbleBear makes games for smart people to play together in public spaces. Its “platform”, the New Arcade, is a blend of digital and physical worlds through arcade cabinets, installations, and VR. The team is based in Brooklyn, NY.


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