Death end re;Quest is Now Available Physically and Digitally in Europe! + A Brand New Trailer

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We are excited to announce that Death end re;Quest is available physically and digitally for the PlayStation®4 in Europe! The North American release launched on February 19. The Season Pass for North American customers is now live on the PlayStation™Store! You can view the DLC schedule on the official website, which shows all the free and paid DLC releases. Players can grab the game digitally on the EU PlayStation™Store and physically on Iffy’s European Online Store, as well as Amazon UK!

We are also excited to announce part two of our Death end re;Quest™ introduction series entitled “Arata’s Struggle,” which introduces the story of Arata Mizunashi and his quest to save his friend, Shina Ninomiya.

Watch part one of the Death end re;Quest introduction series,
“Shina’s Memories”

In order to help Shina escape World’s Odyssey, Arata takes a form of an avatar named Mr. Enigma, who is able to manipulate the game’s code in real-time to assist Shina and her party members. This trailer goes deeper into Arata’s struggles, and his side of the game that takes the form of a visual novel, to aid Shina’s escape from the corrupted World’s Odyssey.

The trailer also revisits the Battle Jack System, where you can install new genres during battle, buff your allies or debuff your enemies, and summon monsters to aid you in battle! Use Arata’s skills to change the tide of battle and defeat the corrupted bugs!

As a friendly reminder, we have an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look with the creators of Death end re;Quest™ available on the PlayStation.Blog! The Q&A features the President of Compile Heart and Producer, Norihisa Kochiwa, as well as the lead artist, Kei Nanameda, as they discuss their creative processes in this genre-bending JRPG!










Arata Mizunashi, a video game programmer, receives a notification from an email sent to him by Shina Ninomiya, a colleague of his who went missing nearly one year ago. Together, they worked to create World’s Odyssey (W.O.D.), an immersive virtual landscape powered by breathtaking, state-of-the-art technology. That is, until Shina’s sudden disappearance put a swift halt to production. Arata discovers the startling revelation that Shina Ninomiya was stuck inside of “W.O.D.” the whole time. When Arata delves hurriedly back into the lines of code haunting his forsaken project, he realizes that his game is now ravaged by an infestation of bugs, and that Shina is its only active player.

Arata soon learns that a nefarious force prevents him from extracting Shina out of the game. Her only way out? She must complete the game to unlock the perfect ending—an outcome with a success rate of 1%. On their journey, they encounter a slew of NPC characters that blur perceptions of humanity and A.I.-technology, setting into a motion a thrilling narrative that calls into question the differences between the virtual world and ours.

Little do they know what horrors await them on both sides of the screen…

Key Features
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?
 – Jump between reality and in-game modes, as players will need to investigate in the real world view to solve the mysterious inner-workings of the World Odyssey, and switch to an in-game view mode to battle against glitched-out monsters. Choose options wisely, as your decision can change the game’s ending!

Turn-Based RPGs Flipped Upside Down – In this turn-based command battle system, you can roam freely and duke it out with fearsome monsters. During battle, players can change the game’s genre from a first-person shooter to even a fighting game!

You’re Buggin’ Out – While exploring, players will need to activate character-specific dungeon skills to access hard-to-reach areas and hidden treasures!

Follow the White Rabbit and Discover a Bug Infested World – In this hyper-realistic game world, players must help out Shina escape a game universe filled with infected bosses and mesmerizing environments!

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