Green Hell – PC Review

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Genre: Survival, Open World
Developer: Creepy Jar
Publisher: Creepy Jar
Released Date: August 29, 2018
Edited by Eden

Green Hell – can you survive the Amazonian jungle? Welcome to Hell, for a day or a lifetime. Video game publisher Creepy Jar gives its players a taste of survival in the jungle with this title.

The game, currently in early access, gives a minimal tutorial through the beginning of the games’ story mode and they gave a taste of what the game offered. It then cut off in a place that left me desiring more.

After you enter survival mode, you have three options that represent the three difficulty levels available. The first is for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with the gameplay and the only trouble they can get into is the trouble that they seek. The next difficulty level increases exponentially in difficulty, adding psychological elements and more intense scenarios with the habitat, wildlife, and natives. I preferred gameplay on the third setting myself. In this game mode, there are hostile animals, tribal members, and the sanity meter drops drastically. I spent a lot of my time looking over my shoulder from the taunts of the voices inside my head.

For me, the tutorial felt slow and clunky. My expectation is to be dropped into a jungle and that I needed to survive; this is true only after the tutorial is completed. After playing for a few days, I found myself bored with the same survival builds. I did some research and found that there is a new update coming in a few weeks that includes more building recipes, forging and a new challenge scenario.

A unique aspect of Green Hell is that it introduces a psychological thriller twist into the game by adding an element of voices in your head. Throughout the game the voices begin taunting you, giving a taste of the fear one could find. By utilizing all of the aspects of the game to concoct a brew of insanity, you have different factors that infer trauma into your adventure. You will experience bodily harm, exhaustion, and even find yourself going head-to-head with not only animal life, but native forces as well, all taking a toll on your mental health.

In the current state of the game, I did feel like multiple maps were needed – you can only be intrigued by one jungle for so long. More items to gather and forage would be welcomed too.

In the coming months, we can expect the full release to be launched. At that time we will see a new map, a new human enemy, a new challenge scenario, and the much anticipated full story mode. In the road map that Creepy Jar has published on their website, we can expect a co-op mode this spring. This announcement leaves me extremely excited about the upcoming co-op release!


• Realistic Survival
• Aesthetically appealing surroundings – the artwork is on point
• Suspenseful


• Tutorial drags
• Lag spikes during combat with tribal
• Lack of save slots – limited to 4 slots per difficulty level

NautiNarwhal gives Green Hell a Drastik Measure score of 8 out of 10 (80)

At the time of writing, Green Hell is in early access and available on Steam for $19.99. This reviewer would happily pay twice that much even without the upcoming update which should improve it even further and highly recommends fans of survival games check it out.