Coin-Op Kingdom – PC Review

Genre: Management, Simulation
Developer: Canalside Studios
Publisher: Canalside Studios
Released Date: August 9, 2018
Edited by Eden

Coin-Op Kingdom is a Tycoon style game where you run an arcade with animal characters, taking a small arcade and turning it into the size of a small casino by the time it grows fully. You slowly grow it in size by keeping your guests happy. This is done by adding in more games while making sure they are able to stick around longer by having food, restrooms and places to rest accessible to them. The game keeps it very simplified, but it also gives freedom on decorating and setting up your arcade without sacrificing productivity. Coin-Op Kingdom does fall short in many areas though.

The game isn’t bad, but it isn’t good either as a business management or a tycoon game. Everything in Coin-Op Kingdom is gated behind money and all the arcade machines you can buy can be bought at the start since they are not much more expensive. No matter how well you do, you do not unlock anything other than more space as you stockpile your savings. They do a nice job in the tutorial to start out and show the basics. They clearly show you what you must do to open up and run. The rest of the game is adding more of each step they show you. The core stats are shown in statistics and it gives the average of your customer’s needs to also help you gauge what you need to add. The game also gives you goals to reach but the goals give you nothing for completing and they do not apply retroactively. They are completely useless.

The number of issues with the game equal the number of good points of the game. At times the game can be confusing since some of the rules they tell you do not apply to some parts. One great example of this is everyone that comes in has a style of game they love. This ranges from all the types of arcades games that can be bought be it shooters, platformers, sports. horror, puzzle, racing, fighting and physical. Physical being pinball and basketball. The error that makes this fall short is no one has sports as their favorite, and some are rarer than others. The genre of racing even having just one arcade game included. Another buzzkill was all your janitor and repairmen just stand still in the place of what needed to be cleaned/broke last, while customers that are using the machines are clipped into them. You will see many customers stuck in the machines from time to time with no way to free them but by moving or selling the machine. You will also experience your objectives not wanting to register. The arcade runs 24/7 giving no means to close up or look at a summary for the day. This can sometimes sneak up on the player since going into the red at all will end in a game over and the game doesn’t use an autosave.

The issues and bugs just ruin everything you try to do and you don’t feel rewarded for growing. Most of the arcade games look like a cabinet with little imagination. This makes the larger rooms seem more like a factory than a fun exciting place. I loved the look and visual of the customers of the game but would love to see more exciting arcade machines and sizes of them. It still feels like a game in beta even though it is in full release. The lack of upgrades or variety gives the feeling that you only were playing the first hour of a game, rather than the full game. The random events being good or bad didn’t even feel exciting or worrisome. I love arcades and animals and I went in this thinking it could be a great tycoon style game but was disappointed. I could see it being a great one if this were in beta and being developed further, but it is in full release and the last patch was half a year ago. It just makes me wonder what could have been of this game.


  • Happy and upbeat
  • Cute design and freedom of decoration


  • Lots of bugs
  • No upgrades or real sense of achievement
  • Bland management
  • Still feels unfinished

FoxieEXE gives Coin-Op Kingdom a Drastik Measure 4.5 (45)

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