Atlas – Review

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Genre: Survival, Multiplayer
Developer: Grapeshot Games
Publisher: Grapeshot Games
Released Date: December 22, 2018
Edited by Eden

Atlas is a pirate-themed, action-based MMORPG created by Grapeshot Games. In Atlas, you explore a map containing a massive open ocean world, which is home to many islands. In Atlas, players can choose between massive PvP and PvE servers where thousands of players can exist in a space together. There are currently official PvP and PvE servers to play on as well as player-run servers.

The player in Atlas truly creates their own pirate adventure. Players can, if they wish, captain a ship on the high seas, search for lost treasure or fight other players to the death. Atlas will always keep you on your toes. Players also get to choose at any point in time whether they would like to experience their journey in first person or third person. The sheer amount of role-play content readily available to players screams to be explored!

Atlas shows many different experiences throughout the game. Players could find themselves farming resources to create a number of different things. Players may spend their time hunting and taming animals for food and experience, or even searching high and low just for a clean sip of water. This has caused some controversy, as the player experience is extremely similar to ARK, a title by Studio Wildcard, a sister studio of Grapeshot Games. This is to the point of many feeling that is almost the same game, with a different theme or just a pirate-themed successor.

As players venture through the world, they will capture many companions that can further help exploration. On the opposite side, players will encounter a wide range of enemies to fight and many different ways to fight them. This ranges from fighting bears and wolves hand to hand or with swords, to shooting skeletons and hydras with handcrafted muskets. Depending on what island the player is on and how many other players reside there will determine how many enemies the player encounters. Whatever your pirate mind could possibly dream of is a reality in Atlas.

As the player adventures through the world, many obstacles are thrown in their way. To start things off as a whole, players must keep careful track of their character’s vitamins. To replenish a specific vitamin, players will have to find sustenance that will provide the vitamin the player needs. Players also have to keep a close eye on their hunger and hydration levels, if found in either situation one could find themselves dead.

The sounds and tunes in Atlas are very well done. Animals have their own distinct sound which can be heard from many ranges. The music in this game is placed very well in relation to what is happening to the character, but at times can also be a bit excessive when players need to hear voice communications. I would definitely go into your sound settings before really jumping in, and tweak things to your liking.

The controls to Atlas are very simple but we must remember that Atlas is currently in early access. Because of this, the controls can be a bit buggy at times or even broken. That being said, the developers are doing a very good job of fixing problems every day. Despite that, as it stands at the time of writing, players could still find themselves in a number of situations where specific controls and functions don’t work as intended.

Now let’s get into the technical aspects of the game. Since Atlas runs on Unreal Engine 4, players may run into a few common errors they may have come across before. Since the game is still in early access I would highly recommend that your PC is above the minimum system requirements. The game ended up crashing on me a couple of time either in-game or while trying to launch a server. To add to my last statement there are a couple of bugs I have run into so far. Two examples are that when spawning, sometimes the game would spawn me in a random region with no terrain – just a blank map. I would also be floating for about twenty seconds until I would die. The next bug I encountered was when switching between grid locations on the map. Once my ship entered the next zone, it would despawn and I would be left floating in the ocean.

There are many things that could alter the performance within the game settings. The game can also be run in low memory mode to further help those struggling with game quality. With the minimum system requirements being Windows 7 or higher, a quad-core processor at 3.40GHz, 4GBs of RAM, a video card equal to an Nvidia GTX770, and 100GBs of free hard drive space on your computer. I would definitely recommend playing Atlas on a higher end PC to obtain the maximum experience.


  • Massive amounts of role play content
  • Massive online server
  • Excellent Skill layout
  • Huge Map to explore


  • Can be very grindy at times (time dump)
  • Early access (no guarantee of full release at this point in time)
  • Some aspects of the game require other players to help complete (sometimes less fun being the only one awake on your server)

Connick gives Atlas a Drastik Measure 7.5 out of 10 (75%)

Atlas is available via Steam for $29.99 USD, which is a little overpriced in my personal opinion due to the fact that the engine in the game is basically cut and pasted from games this studio has made in the past. I feel this Developers should have released Atlas at a lower price due to the number of players who purchased the ARK season pass. I think that the games full value of $29.99 would be a fair price to those players who have not had an experience with ARK.