Offensive Combat: Redux! – PC Review


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Genre: FPS, Multiplayer
Developer: Three Gates AB
Publisher: SlapShot Games, LLC
Released Date: April 9, 2018
Edited by Eden

Offensive Combat: Redux! is a first-person multiplayer shooter, like Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament, only with a focus on silliness, humor, and memes. The Redux! part comes from the game originally being from a browser game made in 2013. It closed suddenly a year later then it was remade in 2017. I played it back when it was a browser game and was hoping for a fresh change in this version but, unfortunately, I was let down very quickly.

Nothing seemed to change between the two games other than an overhaul on some weapons and the economy. In the original version, you had to buy each weapon separately and upgrade, while in this version you have all weapons from the start and just have to unlock the mods for the weapons. Melee and grenade are treated as upgrades.

The two biggest features of the game are the pwning function and the crazy avatars you can mix and match. After killing an enemy you can risk being exposed to enemy fire to do a dance or action that lasts for a few seconds for added rewards and a random chance at a part of an outfit. All of them are taunts and worth doing when possible. The avatars are a mix of memes and pop culture references but from 2013. There are very few serious outfits but the entire game isn’t made to be serious if you go in trying to be you will just be mad.

It was nice to play a more casual carefree shooter but a serious issue is that no-one was playing on Steam. I even waited for thirty minutes for a game and I couldn’t find one. I posted on the forum of the game if anyone wanted to play and only got one response all morning. There is a single player mode to the game but the very lackluster bots make it a bland experience with lesser rewards then multiplayer. Another neat addition I saw was the ability to get “nut shots” and many weapons can be modded to make nut shots as deadly as headshots. Besides the few modifications for each weapon, most weapons feel the same within the same type.

As I played the game with the new friend I made from the forum post, I kept seeing the potential of a great game that just falls short in all areas that matter. The humor makes you smile and distract you from some issues but you are quickly drawn back from that joy with errors of clipping and visual bugs. I really did want to like the game but at the same time, the number of issues it has would make me want to direct others to arena shooters of the same price (14.99USD) or even free to play games that do more than this game does. The lack of players on the game is just a nail in the coffin. If the devs or someone else remake the idea of this game, I would one of the first to try it but as it is now it isn’t worth it for the price.


  • Funny and silly casual shooter
  • Maps are very well designed


  • Hardly any playing multiplayer
  • Weapons are too similar
  • Outdated in looks and references
  • Visual bugs are common

FoxieEXE gives Offensive Combat: Redux! a Drastik Measure 4 (40)

Check it out on Steam here.