Pantropy – PC Review

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Genre: Shooter, Sci-Fi
Developer: Brain Stone GmbH
Publisher: Brain Stone GmbH
Released Date: January 31, 2019
Edited by Eden

Pantropy is a science-fiction, first-person shooter, MMO game for players who want to make their own story.

Pantropy takes place on a hostile alien world some hundred years into the future. On this world, generators create wormholes which connect with other planets, allowing them to be colonized. It is up to the players to band together in factions and endure the difficult challenges that lay ahead. That being said there are two different factions to choose from when deciding. Those factions are Itokawa Corp (blue) and Andell Biotech (red). Both factions are working to claim more territory on the map at the same time as farming resources and building their base, bringing a PvP aspect to the game. That said, the dominant aspect is PvE with base building and farming to build that next mech or weapon upgrade.

The map is an 8 x 8 grid from A1 to H8. There are 13 or so different creatures in the game, with wild aesthetics and dangerous attacks across the map that could end your beautiful life at any time. These monsters truly embody the sci-fi theme, I mean there is one that looks like a giant whale crossed with some kind of squid or octopus.

From the music to the very sound of walking in the sand with your boots, the sound is absolutely beautiful in Pantropy in my opinion. The music actually reminds me of other titles, such as Atlas and Ark. There are 5 settings in the graphics to choose from which are auto adjusted which range from Low to Ludicrous. I play on Ludicrous and have every setting maxed out giving this world an outstanding feel as if you are actually there.

Gameplay is based on the traditional feel of MMO’s with WASD movement, mouse to look around and space-bar to jump, etc. It feels very comfortable to use the controls.

One technical issue I ran into along the way was seeing the creatures in game rubber-band, which made it impossible to dodge their line of sight. Another thing was that the aggro range of hostile creatures is insane. At one moment you could be across the field building and then the next moment a monster comes charging at you from the other side of the field. The game feels like it may need an optimization after fixing the creatures seeing as when your mining and hit ore nodes it kind of hiccups or lags for a split second. Aside from a few minor bugs, this game has a lot of potential.


  • Beautiful World
  • Awesome looking creatures
  • Shooting and gathering are smooth


  • Rubber banding creatures
  • Clunky feel at times
  • Lack of players for PvP

TwiztedOutlaw gives Pantropy a Drastik Measure 8 out of 10 (80)

Despite this game being in early access I highly suggest picking this game up on Steam. I look forward to seeing where this game goes.