Graveyard Keeper – PC Review

Genre: Platformer, Arcade
Developer: Lazybear
Publisher: Tinybuild
Released Date: August 15, 2018
Edited by Eden

With the release of Stardew Valley, the popularity of games involving building farms and farming soared to new heights and plenty of games hoping to be the new Stardew have flooded the market. Tinybuild, however, chose to go in a less obvious direction with Graveyard Keeper. The game is as morbid as they come however, it is as clever and funny as it is morbid. All in all, it is an intelligent and witty addition to any gamer’s library.

In Graveyard Keeper, you play the role of a recently deceased protagonist thrust into limbo and tasked with finding his way home. The world is a cursed place. You will find yourself doing things abhorrent to any normal human being, often choosing between morality and your goal of getting home to your loved ones. There are no obvious taboos in this game, even cannibalism is on the table (pun intended ;)). The question is, will you choose morals over returning home to your loved ones?

Visually speaking Graveyard Keeper is pixel art at its best. The graphics are stunning and it looks almost equally good on a high-end machine as it does on a low-end one. I could honestly rave about the graphics and the visual effects for quite some time, but I’ll let the screenshots speak for me.

The sound and ambiance are as well-crafted as the visual effects and never become boring, but the main ingredient in this game is its sense of humor. The morbid and dark humor takes center stage and visual effects, sound, and ambiance are simply add-ons to further enrich the experience.

Whether you are taking part in the inquisition while helping Heathens with ungodly rituals or going in the opposite direction and being altruistic, Graveyard Keeper strikes a fun note. The fun continues even while you are misappropriating body parts from the graveyard to sell as food.

That being said the game could do with more variety. I believe that some features in the game should be explored in more depth such as grave tending and certain parts of Alchemy. The entire city part of the story also seems to be out of your reach as you are confined to the village for the entire game, making it seem like Lazy Bear rushed to finish the game at the end. It is a shame they rushed such an otherwise great game as it lowered the standard of the game.

Even though I beat this game and took my time doing it, it was still almost bittersweet to get to the end of the game. If I had to speak about any other negative of the game, I would suggest it needs more content to add playtime or even a sandbox mode so I could continue playing around after ending the game. Perhaps this could be done via DLC or in future updates.


• Great graphics
• Funny as hell, pun intended
• Good sound and ambiance
• Original


• Lacks depth in certain features
• Need more variety
• Could have used more storyline
• Could’ve have used a speed up button to get past a couple of wait periods

Adarkchylde gives Graveyard Keeper an 8 out of 10 (80)

Even though it was missing certain parts and I felt like the game needed more variety, with a price point of $20 I was still well entertained and will be playing this game again at a later date. As such, I am happy to recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor, especially a dark one.

Check out the game on Steam here.