Grave Danger – Nintendo Switch Review


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Genre: Platformer, Arcade
Developer: Joindots
Publisher: Joindots
Released Date: June 28, 2018
Edited by Thorstag

Grave Danger is a Co-op platformer puzzle game that will make you think how to get from A to B. You swap between the three characters you meet as the game teaches you what each character can do. Dante is the main character, an outlaw that is able to use his gun and wall climb. You soon meet Elliot who uses magic and double jumps and then Malice a grim reaper that can float for a short time. The game is about swapping between the three characters to unlock ways for the others to get across the level. The game has a Halloween feel with a humorous tone as you go from level to level.

The game looks very simple but after the tutorial, the game doesn’t hold your hand, and you do feel more accomplished as you progress. The downside can be if you play the game alone, it doesn’t feel as fun. Taking each of the three characters going through the same parts can seem boring and hard to achieve the higher ranks without doing co-op. It seems it was meant for co-op play and made for it so I would be surprised if it were fun alone. The puzzles do not prompt switches or objects. This makes the game tougher in parts, and I feel if they did prompt it would make the game too easy. The game also gives you checkpoints to come back to life from graveyards scattered on the maps. There is no failure in dying unless you are trying to get a high score. Every time the character your controlling dies you have to take them back to the graveyard. The game has wanted posters of the main cast to collect in each level, most are not really hidden, but it can be a puzzle in itself to obtain them. You will see many in plain sight, and you have to figure out a way to acquire them.

Visually the game is nice and smooth, nothing seemed out of place in the style of the game. The music is catchy simple and fits the theme of the game. I did not run into any bugs or hiccups in game-play as I played through. Nothing is scary within the game so you can play with someone younger, but unless they really love platforming, they may be frustrated by the challenge of some of the jumps or segments in different levels.

Grave Danger as a whole is an OK experience but made better with co-op play. It isn’t listed as a puzzle game but could be called a platform puzzle game. If you’re looking for a co-op game to play for the weekend with someone, I would recommend giving it a try.


  • Nice Co-Op
  • Smooth game-play
  • Easy to learn
  • Inexpensive


  • Playing alone can be a drag
  • Can be too simple looking
  • Difficulty changes a lot

FoxieEXE gives Grave Danger a Drastik Measure 6.0 out of 10 (60)

Check it out at Nintendo for $19.99