Incredible Mandy – PC Review

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Dotoyou Games
Publisher: Dotoyou Games
Release Date: Nov 26, 2018
Editied by Thorstag

Incredible Mandy is an indie puzzle-platformer from Dotoyou Games and is currently only available on Steam. You take the role of an elder brother as you dive through memories and dreams shared with your sister. The game traverses eight different levels each with their unique challenges and bosses. The player has to solve puzzles as they progress towards the boss of each area along the way fighting enemies, finding collectible memories in the form of comics, and trying to survive. Personally, I enjoyed the puzzles although some of them did throw me off some.

The controls are relatively simple when using a controller to play. You control your movement with the left joystick and the camera with the right. Both X/Y calls for your sword of light; however, both perform different actions with the sword. If you tap X it will perform an attack, but if you hold it down, you can charge an explosion of light. Y will actually place a sword where you’re facing that can be struck to cause the same blast of light. These can be chained together to create multiple explosions of light. You can also jump with A, interact with B, dodge with RT, Run with RB, Aim a Light arrow with LT, and Crouch with LB. The control scheme just works smoothly into the flow of the game.

The graphics and audio work very well hand in hand with each other. The music that plays outside of combat in the levels has a nice and relaxing tone. The sound effects for the swords and explosion and various other actions are crisp and clear. The design of the levels, enemies, and environment, in general, makes you feel like you’re in a Virtual Reality game without it being so. Let’s not forget the three absolutely gorgeous cinematics that occur during the game. They are so well done I would love for them to produce an animated one shot as a DLC you can get for the game. That’s about as high praise as you can get from me when it comes to audio/visual things in a video game.

One the few drawbacks of the game is the fact that the story is mainly told in the collectible comics and in the form of the three cinematics. Now, this doesn’t hurt the game per se, but if there were more story in the game itself, the game would have been even better. Another drawback is, sometimes after the game shows you part the path or result of an action in the environment you made, the camera angle gets a little screwy and requires readjusting. For instance, one the thing you have to do in a later level is to ride a box down a waterway, when the action is complete, you need to readjust the camera angle or you will walk off to your death.

Other than that I would love to see a possible targeting system for combat to make it a little less touch and go. There were not any glaring bugs or other issues that made the game unplayable or otherwise unenjoyable. It was quite an enjoyable game to play and thoroughly happy I got to review it. Anyone who loves the antics of Zeldaesque games should feel right at one with this game.

BoxCatHero gives Incredible Mandy a Drastik Measure of 7.3 out of 10 (73)


  • Just right difficulty puzzles
  • Gorgeous cinematics
  • Relaxing music
  • Good control scheme


  • Could have used a bit more in-game story.

I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. So go check out the game on Steam and happy puzzle solving.