Human Fall Flat – PC Review

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Genre: RPG, Classic, Fantasy
Developer: No Brakes Games
Publisher: Curve Digital
Release Date: Jul 22, 2016
Edited by Eden

Human Fall Flat
is a hilariously entertaining, free roam puzzle solving game with a simplistic design. Having minimal character control and easy to follow tutorials, this game is easy to learn and begin enjoying right from the start. The simple cartoon art style keeps the game looking clean and interactive. In either single player or online multiplayer, the player is free to roam the levels in any way they would like with one goal in mind – to get to the exit. Nearly all of the objects within the world are able to be interacted with giving the player the freedom to use their creativity to complete each of the levels.

The simple controls allow the player to find different ways to interact with world objects in creative ways, rather than worrying about what buttons to press. The ability to customize the look of your character to add some flare or differentiate your friends when playing multiplayer is a bonus. The background music and limited sound effects are a great fit for the theme and style of the game. Although often the sound of your own laughter will overpower any game noise you might hear. The character and environment physics are very smooth and objects act as you would expect. Occasionally the camera does get a little blurry when stuck in awkward positions too close to objects.

The collision detection and interaction with object is smooth and accurate besides occasionally getting your hand stuck to the back of your head. This can also frequently get your character into some odd position in multiplayer that will make you cry from laughter. The level design is very well done allowing multiple possible ways to solve each level which adds to the replay value. Being able to play with up to 8 players online is a great way to solve the levels using teamwork. Having objects automatically reset in the world when they get into a spot they are no longer usable is an essential feature that has been implemented.

For such a simplistic game design, the physics of the players and objects is quite advanced. Many objects are able to be broken depending on the velocity of the impact of other objects. Different objects with a variety of sizes have accurate mass comparisons and the physical interactions are very predictable. Overall the combination between a limp-limbed cartoon character design paired with such an accurate and predictable physics system is an excellent complement making this game what it is. The entertainment this game brings with an open opportunity for creativity makes it a joy to play.


  •  Accurate and Predictable Physics
  •  Online Multiplayer
  •  Multiple ways to complete each level
  •  Great Performance
  •  Visuals and Audio complement each other
  •  Character Customization


  • Getting your hand stuck to the back of your head
  • Occasional camera collision

YooprTroopr gives Human Fall Flat a Drastik Measure 9 out of 10 (90)

Check it out on Steam.