Space Toads Mayhem – PC Review

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Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Developer: LimeVibe Games
Publisher: LimeVibe Games
Release Date: Nov 20, 2018
Edited by Eden

This top-down shooter style game reminds me of the Good Old Days when I used to play a game similar in style and fun. You might remember Space Invaders, yep this is that style of game on steroids. They took that game idea and gave it a complete overhaul. While this game has similar traits from the 1980s arcade style game, they really took the time and made it different as well.

This game is both favorable for keyboard and mouse as well as a plug and play controller. Although both styles are very optimized, I would say I favor the controller more on this game due to the fact you don’t hear the hard clacking of the spacebar. The controller was just my cup of tea.

These weird looking enemies to me look like an alien creature. They come in all different sizes. At the beginning of the level it’s pretty standard they don’t have much health and they are pretty easy to take down. As you advance through the waves of levels, they tend to get bigger and they take more of a beating. In the end, no matter the size of these bizarre creatures they all have one goal. To SMASH YOUR FACE IN. The enemies use a basic attack which is pretty standard in these types of games which is to try and kamikaze into you. This is where your reflexes are important. There are certain situations where you have to move, due to your blasters not working from a power-up. You need to use this to your advantage, as they will crash into each other if you time it right.

As you progress through the level, you are rewarded with different power-ups. Some power-ups are good and very useful and some power-ups are with crush your hopes and dreams. One of the good power-ups is flying spikes which pretty much wipe every enemy from the screen. This is one of my favorite power-ups because when I feel overwhelmed and I see this power-up I immediately go for it. Another power-up allows you to have more lasers that cover up more ground. This is also amazing when you have massive amounts of enemies. Not all power-ups are good though. One power-up really trolls you hard. This anti-power-up shuts down your guns so you’re pretty much a sitting duck. You have nothing to do but to test out your flying skills and try to see how good you are really are without your main ability. The last ability which kills me emotionally and physically inside the game and out is the Death Power up. Pretty self-explanatory – you run into this power up and you die. It just seems that it often happens very conveniently when your guns are powered down and you can’t shoot, so you have to maneuver and in the process of RNG you fly right into it.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the visuals, music, and SFX. The visuals are pretty basic. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the graphics are bad in any way. As I mentioned before, they took the style from a 1980’s game and revamped it. It gave this style of game a new look without overpowering anything and it worked for them. I guess they went with the K.I.S.S. Method, “Keep It Simple Stupid”. While the graphics aren’t groundbreaking at all, they really made it work for this game and it looks good for the style they were trying to keep. The music was basic as well, but I did enjoy the soundtrack. To describe it, it reminded me of a techno-style 16-bit song that you would find in most arcade style space games. The SFX are very basic, nothing really special about them. There are basic explosions and pew-pew laser noises but again it worked.


  • Plug and Play
  • Price Point.
  • Handles both styles of controls
  • Fun
  • No Bugs and Glitches (That I have Seen or Experienced)


  • Music
  • Sounds

Wolfpack (Wagz) Gives Space Toads Mayhem a Drastik Measure of an 8.0 out of 10 (80)

The Price Point of this game at the time of this review is $3.99 USD on Steam which I think is an amazing price point for this basic game. Again when I say basic, it’s really just plug-and-play and I had a really fun time with it. It’s something you can play quickly on the computer when you are waiting for a match for another game. It’s just a nice way to pass the time. I honestly feel that for a top-down shooter game, it is done really well. I recommend buying this game at this price point if your into this style of game! I haven’t experienced anything wrong with this game while playing it no glitches, or bugs for that matter.