SCUM-PC (P)Review

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Early Access

Developer: GamepiresCroteam
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release Date: Aug 29, 2018
Edited by Wolfpack (Isolde)

SCUM is a next generation survival game developed by Gamepires and Croteam published by Devolver Digital. SCUM is a multiplayer open world survival game where character customization, crafting and skill progression are keys to long-term survival. SCUM sets itself as a live action reality show in which prisoners are pitted against an open world environment full of hazards, forced to fight for their own survival.  This show has prisoners depart in a world that’s 144 sq. km wide, and they will have to either work together with other people in the world forming alliance for the benefits of the team or they can betray the people they meet creating a kill or be killed feel to the game.
Being an early access title it’s important to note that many of the planned features are not yet in the game. From the very start of this game the developers are very ambitious with creating a top notch game for us to enjoy. The character customization though is limited, it has an RPG feel to it. From strength, constitution, dexterity or intelligence; no one character is the same. Those four attributes are modified depending on the age weight and gender of the prisoner. For now being in early access the male prisoner is the only selection available. Female prisoners are supposed to come in a later update. That being said, if you base your character’s age at 30 he will be at his physical peak then if he was in his early 20’s or late 50’s. Thus resulting in how many points you have per four main attributes that you can distribute into things like boxing, melee weapons, handguns, running, survival, stealth and many others. After delegating your points you then name your prisoner and finally begin your survival in a massive world.
My very first attempt when I loaded in I’ll be honest it was beautifully overwhelming. I had no idea where to go or what to do really but I started running. After a few minutes I came upon a compound and decided I would start to sneak into it after seeing what they call puppets (aka infected, dead, zombies ect) outside. Good thing because there were HUGE mech’s that are armed and dangerous that will shoot you on site. After realizing that they are very predictable in movement and actions I got myself into the compound and it was time to loot. Shortly into looting I had a gun and plenty of bullets but no magazine to load into my gun so I was forced to load my gun one bullet at a time. Then I heard my stomach rumbling and was actually starving myself while looting so I found a watermelon and started to eat it. After eating to much of it I began to get sick and noticed that I was playing this game to much like a game and have to actually discover all of the key points to surviving this game. I found out there was a nutrition tab and started to monitor that with what I ate and drank and how it affected me. Then once I thought I had all that down I ran out of the compound and rite into a huge gun fight where I did not survive.
The crafting system for now is very limited and doesn’t provide any options for fortifications, or give the player any reason to really hold on to anything long term. The features are promised to improve in the future updates. With no real objectives in place yet other than to survive it has a repetitive feel at the moment. There is a single player and an online multiplayer feature in this game which allows up to 64 players on one server which is really a nice option for all survivalists, whether it is against AI or it is against AI and real players.
This game may have one of the most impressive systems for survival yet. The Metabolism tab is where you monitor the stats of your character. From heart rate, nutritional values, calorie intake and calories burned to muscle mass and whether or not a bathroom break is needed for your character this game has it all! If you want the stillest shot when aiming down a scope or the ability to outrun the puppets on this game you better keep track of your stats to run at peak performance while surviving the real threats out there!
The performance from pc to pc will vary but for me the game visually was stunning and ran okay. Of course there were a few bugs on this game where I received an error but after a few patches and updates it has gotten way better where I am running easy 60 fps to 120fps (no way to lock fps yet).
  • Large 16 block map from A1 to D4
  • Rpg feel with first/third person survival
  • Great health management system
  • Ability to craft almost anything possible with enough fame/rep.
  • Lack of things to do leaving a repetitive feel
  • Not able to multitask (crafting/looting/cooking)
  • Some annoying lockups/glitches yet to be fixed
TwiztedOutlaw gives SCUM a Drastik Measure 8 out of 10 (80%)
This game is definitely worth the price with a supporter package also available for purchase at $28.48 or $19.99 for just the base game. I would definitely recommend this to any of the survival enthusiasts out there that like the DayZ, H1Z1, ect feel. Being an early access game it may leave buyers leery of purchasing just yet, and rightfully so. This being said I highly recommend this game in its state at the moment and eagerly await the updates in the future.
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