Tyran – PC Review

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Genre: RTS, RPG, Action
Developer: Dragon’s Games
Publisher: Dragon’s Games
Release Date: Jan 27, 2017
Edited by Eden

is a third-person RTS/Action RPG hybrid where you control a character that has special abilities. There are two main portals, one for you, and the other is for the enemy; these portals allow you to create a couple of different units with money acquired throughout the game. Once you start creating units, the battle begins.

When starting out, you will run around with your character, personally killing some creatures to get money and with this money, you can create several different types of units to do the killing for you! You can command these troops to attack your enemies. There are melee units, ranged units, and magic units to choose from. Each one of these, you can upgrade into two different types that might help you fight against other units. For melee, you can increase their health or have a fire attack. The ranged can go to faster or further. And lastly, we have the mages, which has different elements. After you have the units, you can go out and kill more monsters to get more units. There isn’t really a limit on how many. When you feel you have enough, you can proceed with the objective of the game. The objective can either be to hold the capture point for the longest or to destroy the enemy portal. You can also select which type of abilities your character has, but it really doesn’t seem to make a difference since they all do the same thing, but just look different.

This game has very low-quality graphics and includes the most stock or simplistic sound effects you can think of. There is no real soundtrack except one that plays over and over again that sounds to be about a minute long. The combat, movement and the world is very clunky to the point I was getting stuck in various places, at random times. Everything just feels like it was stitched together with tape because when one thing goes wrong, everything just falls apart in front of your eyes. Selecting units, to just creating them was somehow tedious, even though all you do is click a couple things, and even that went wrong.

There is nothing really in this game to explain why you’re doing what you are doing, or what the actual purpose of it all is. As it mixes elements of two game genres together, you’d think there would be a little more depth to the game, such as a story or even a hint of why you are doing what you are doing. Sadly, there really isn’t anything along those lines.

I just can’t believe this has been released as it is now. All Tyran has is a tutorial, which doesn’t really complete, no matter what you do in it. There is no campaign, but there is a multiplayer, which you have to have other players to play. I waited for almost an hour with no one connecting. It is a very small indie game, so I didn’t expect anyone to even be there, but it was worth a shot. Everything is just a buggy mess, there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this game.


  • None


  • Buggy
  • Incomplete

Avorok gives Tyran a Drastik Measure of 1.5 out of 10 (15)

I cannot recommend this game at all, there is literally nothing about this game that is likable. It took me thirty minutes to realize that I was still doing a tutorial when in actuality I did everything that you can do in the game in about 10 minutes. I tried restarting a few times, thinking I might have glitched out, but nope, that was just it. Just a tutorial. If you’d like to waste your money, you can pick up Tyran on Steam for $5.99. I’d advise you not to even pick this up for free. The only somewhat positive thing I can say is that it’s not the worse thing I have ever played.