Fable Anniversary – PC Review

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Genre: RPG, Classic, Fantasy
Developer: Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Release Date: Sep 12, 2014
Edited by Eden

Fable Anniversary is a HD remaster of one of the best selling games for the XBox. The iconic game is still known for its use of good or evil choices to influence yourself and the world around you. This fantasy RPG game lets you take control of a child that quickly through the tutorials becomes a young adult, ready to make his mark on the world as a hero. The game is as serious as it is funny, with humor on every step, running aside the seriousness of your actions. The Fable franchise has been under the radar for years as no new game in the series has been released since 2010. Despite this, Fable Anniversary is still welcomed in an ever-growing library of hit classics, which companies have been re-releasing.

Most games that receive a bit of polish and a re-release run into the issue of showing their age in mechanics or appearing overly simple compared to what we play today. Fable was always a series where the combat was simplified and the player did not have to worry about being a mage, warrior or rogue. In combat, you can shoot spells, take your bow out and shoot or attack with your melee as you wish. The game gives tons of freedom in combat for anyone to be able to fight and be the type of hero they want to be with just 3 buttons that control your melee, magic, and ranged weapon. The game can feel somewhat liberating compared to other RPG games. In many games, you pick a character or class and you are with that class throughout the entire game while in Fable you can train in all types of combat.

The story of Fable is all about the choices your hero makes. Some of the choices are simple but still reflect on yourself over time, while others change how the people of the world view you. If you continuously make good choices like saving travelers or taking quests to help others you will even gain a halo and appear more holy. Killing innocents, stealing and doing quests that harm others will make you more demonic to reflect your evil deeds. Leveling your melee skill will make you strong, leveling your bow and dexterity skills will make you taller and leveling your magic skills will make it seem as if magic runs through your veins through runic glowing tattoos. As a bit of humor, fruit and veggies don’t heal much, but you will stay thin. Eating only meat and not your veggies will make your hero grow fatter. This will not affect his skill in combat though. As you level and grow in power you can see your character age and look older and wiser. This doesn’t affect your combat either but mostly gives the game a feel of the passage of time as you play the hero from a child to an older man on his journey of a hero in his life.

The remaster did add something new for returning players and that is a harder difficulty. The game makes the major healing items of the game more scarce and some powerful potions become non-existent. The mode allows returning players to relive the game, but at more of a difficulty to not make the game trivial once you know all the tricks. The lack of these items makes you wary of taking hits from bandits or monsters as you travel to start your quest. This is a very welcome change for those wanting more of a challenge.

Fable was originally made for a controller. One of the biggest flaws for the anniversary edition is how odd the controls can feel when using a keyboard compared to a controller. The menus were hard to use with the mouse. The game doesn’t feel as fluid or as fun when using a keyboard and mouse. The little complexity it adds just makes you want to go back to using a controller.

The game didn’t crash when I played it, but it can run into compatibility issues as it runs in 32-bit and on DirectX 7. It did run smoothly and seems to have been given more love than the Fable Lost Chapters port.

Fable Anniversary game may seem overly simple to some players and those that have played Fable 2 or 3 will miss many of the quality of life features in those games. You can buy property and rent them out but in the first Fable you had to go to the home itself to collect and the gambling games were not as fun as in later games.

The humor in the game comes from many of the side quests and villages in the towns. One side quest early on is helping a child that is sick from eating a mushroom, but it that turns out he really just being high off them. The banter in town and the villagers’ constant remarks toward you and who you are or your appearance adds to the humor. The game isn’t shy about supplying both silly options and serious options to customize your appearance. Even if you are beloved by all you can still be very scary and be very intimidating just as much as you can be hated by everyone but still be very attractive.

The Fable Anniversary edition is welcomed to the growing library of remastered classics that will be continued to be enjoyed by the old gamers and shown to a new generation too. This is an RPG game that can be enjoyed by any skill level of player.


  • Unrestricted combat
  • Humorous world
  • Easy to play


  • Can be too simple
  • Bad Keyboard Controls
  • Aging mechanics

FoxieEXE gives Fable Anniversary a Drastik Measure 8 (80)

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