Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption – PC Review

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Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Point-and-Click
Developer: Transolar Games
Publisher: Transolar Games
Release Date: Jul 10, 2018
Edited by Eden

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is a role-playing point and click game that takes place within the mysterious castle known as Hero University. The first thing that struck me was that this is a beautiful game in the case of visuals with some remarkable artwork along the way.

You enter the game as Shawn O’Conner, a young lad attempting to join the Thieves Guild within the local town. You have been tasked to retrieve an object from a residence and return it to the Guild Leader. As you enter the residence you are in a dark room and you must explore the room to find the object. Searching around you will solve a puzzle to retrieve the object and make your exit, only to meet a mysterious stranger where you are faced with your first decisions that will direct your future roleplay. The mysterious stranger will take you to Hero University where you will begin to meet and develop relationships with the other characters within the game from the Headmaster on down to the storekeeper. It is at this point that you find out you will be learning to be a Rogue and not just any Rogue but a Hero. You attend classes, practice your lessons and interact with the different characters along the way.

The characters are based on a variety of stereotypes from the nerdy wannabe paladin to the saucy lass from a shipping family who acts more like a pirate than a lady. Each character is unique in their behavior towards you and the others and mingling to earn their favor takes time. I would say that while each is unique, they are also a tad shallow and single purpose in how you are to interact based on the choices you are given. There are opportunities to insult them, flirt with them, or even charm them.

When I first entered the game, I thought it was going to be a delight to play. The art style was beautiful as I have said. The artists have been able to give a real old world feel to the environment without using the cliché ‘dinge on everything’ approach. When you look at the scenes you get a sense of warmth and comfort without any of the mystery that may be under the surface.

The graphics within the game performed decently, but I did on occasion experience an odd flicker or glitch within the presentation. I was running on max everything in the graphics settings so it could have been my system, but I’m inclined not to believe that.

The controls are simple to use. I primarily used my mouse to move around just by clicking on a destination a few feet away and the character moved. As you explore the environment and click on objects you are treated to a menu of actions you may take with that object from examining it to taking it; this includes the characters within the game. Again, the menus are easy to navigate and not overly complex, though they can be nested a few levels deep. Combat is a simple turn-based system, though it doesn’t give much indication of when it is your turn and if you take too long you can lose your turn. While in combat, additional monsters can move into range and engage you by entering into the turn order. All in all, this system ran very smoothly, it was easy to move around within the game and perform actions.

As far as actual gameplay, this game turned into a complete slogfest as I had to repeatedly, day after day grind to get a few Lyra to pay for supplies and the amount of time spent grinding was equal to the amount spent trying to explore and advance the storyline. I really did not enjoy this and after spending nearly 3 hours in the game and finally getting to the place where more of the mysteries would exist it was becoming a bore. It was a constant process, wake up, attend class, practice lessons, have dinner, clean kitchen for funds, hunt rat monsters for funds, study, and go to bed. In between all of that or by skipping practices I would take side excursions to explore and get more information. While the ramp up time in some games is too short with a heavy learning curve, this game I feel the ramp up is overly extended. On top of this, the soundtrack begins to get very repetitive. The music used was beautiful but there needs to be a bit more variety.


  • Beautiful artwork
  • Easy movement
  • Music


  • Shallow characters
  • Long grind with slow progression
  • Some glitches in the graphics display

Thorstag gives Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption gives a Drastik Measure of 4.4 out of 10 (44)

In summary, this is a beautiful game when it comes to the artwork and the feel of the environment. There a few minor technical glitches along the way, that combined with shallow characters and a grind in the gameplay I really can’t justify the price of $34.99 on Steam.