Sunset Overdrive – PC Review

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Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Insomniac Games, Blind Squirrel Games
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Release Date: Nov 17, 2018
Edited by KnightAvenger

In the year 2027, FizzCo, a major energy drink company, decides to release a new energy drink known as Overcharge Delirium XT, exclusively for the lovely city of Sunset. This drink, also known as OCD in this community, not only amps up the people of Sunset, it also turns them into violent mutants. So now the whole city is under siege. You, as a protagonist in this game, need to figure out how to escape and save the city of Sunset.

Wow, this game was an absolute pleasure to play. Sunset Overdrive was originally released on the Xbox One back in October of 2014. Four years later, it got released on the PC. I never heard of this game because I’m more of a PC gamer, but I am so grateful that this game is now on the PC.

Sunset Overdrive is an action, adventure, open world third-person perspective game. That means the whole city of Sunset is your playground. This game is very different from a lot of open worlds; in some open worlds, you can drive in cars, to do your missions and progress in the game. In this game, however, you grind, jump on cars, climb buildings, wall walk, and even slide on water. This takes the open-world exploration aspect to a whole new level.

When starting up the game, you’re greeted with a bad ass cinematic. The way they made it look and the way they incorporated the game play in the very beginning is really unique as well. What they did is that you get to control the character and parts of the cinematic, so you get comfortable before you actually got into the tutorial. This teaches you the absolute basics and shows the game off for not even a quarter of its potential. I do say, coming from a console perspective, there were no issues on the plug-and-play factor at all when using a USB controller. However, there was a minor flaw I noticed with the controller; they ended up binding the left bumper to the slow mode and changed the weapon menu, which can be annoying. That can be a big deal when you’re fighting hordes of mutant people. How does the keyboard and mouse handle with this game? They did an amazing job optimizing both. When using the keyboard and mouse, I feel they did an excellent job into making the keyboard and mouse a very viable option!

What’s good about the opening cutscene is that first, it shows you what’s going on in the city as of now; then, it goes back and shows you how it came to be all within three hours of each other. Let’s get into character customization; even though it’s simple, it still has a decent amount of customization. The very first thing you customize is the body type, obviously male or female and only two sizes of each gender. The next thing you get to customize is your skin tone and face, a two-for-one. Now this is where the customization really takes off. You have options of, at least, maybe 20 different hairstyles, not to mention the base color for your hair as well as color highlights for your hair; each has 16 different colors. Now you get to choose your eye color again with tons of different color options. If you’re male, obviously with facial hair, you could choose from. Female, you can choose your makeup. But these are just some of the customizations; it’s very simple to custom character all the way down to the undergarments.

Here comes the exciting part, the game play! Looking at the graphics was simply astonishing. The bright warm colors, the cartoony comic book feel. The lighting, the textures, everything is unbelievable. Everything they put into it, graphic wise, works. Everything flows together and meshes so well; trying to find how to describe everything is very hard.

The game has made it a point that just walking from mission may not be an option. What makes the open world aspect unique is the techniques and the means you use to travel. Bouncing on cars or tents is one option; another option is the ability to grind on rails. There are many ways you can grind on rails; one way is using the crowbar to hang from a powerline, while another way is to grind on the rails like you’re using soap shoes. For those who you don’t know what soap shoes are, let me explain. Soap shoes, back in the 90’s, were regular shoes that, on the bottom of them, had a hard plastic that you can use to grind on anything you can jump on. Another epic thing you can also do is vault over walls and wall run, as well as glide on water with ease.

What a set of amazing weapons in the game as well; the detail they put in these weapons and how they went above and beyond showing what each weapon is capable of is crazy. You collect cans of overcharge and use it as currency to purchase different weapons. What else is cool about the weapons is you can upgrade them by doing side missions to collect things like toilet paper, camera lenses, smelly sneakers, etc. Also, there is regular spending cash you can collect in the game; you use this to buy merchandise in this game for your character to customize him or her.

The ability to do the regular storyline missions is up to you. How you decide to play the game is in the hands of the controller. You can just do the main storyline missions if you like to complete the game fast, or you can do some of the side quests as well. If you want to take the time off from doing the missions and you would like to go around and kill things, that’s great, too. That’s what is amazing about open world type games; you can play them how you want or how you see fit.

What also sets this game apart is the fact that once you buy the game, it already has more content than the regular game. The regular game play gives you about 9-10 hours; that’s just speed warping and doing the main questline. Once you download the game, you’re also getting extended content as well, which are like two extra DLCS, “Mystery of Mooil Rig” and “Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines,” which will increase the game play for more epic fun and adventure as well as exploring!

When the game was first released on the Xbox One, the price point for this game was around $59.99 USD, which is standard nowadays for video games. At the time of this review on Steam on a rereleased game, the price is a whopping $19.99 USD, which is a steal! Not only, like I said, you’re getting the original game, but you’re also getting extra content as well for the game in that price. After playing this game as much as I did, I still want to go back and explore more! I feel there are some things I may have missed. Besides that, this game is a lot of fun, regardless, so I will still play this game. Just hoping in the future, they will make more content for this game.


  • Graphics
  • Choice of missions
  • Open world
  • Affordable
  • Ease of use
  • Easy tutorial
  • Customization
  • Hours of content


  • Double bound key on controller that is not fixable

Wolfpack (Wagz) gives Sunset Overdrive a Drastik Measure of 9.5 out of 10 (95)