The Adventure Pals – PC Review

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Massive Monster
Publisher: Armor Games Studios
Release Date: Apr 4, 2018
Edited by KnightAvenger

The Adventure Pals, where your dad was dadnapped, on your birthday no less, and the Mighty Mr.B is holding your father ransom for rubies! You and your new present, a pet giraffe, set off on a wild adventure through the world to fight weird-looking enemies and bosses to save your father and the world. What an amazing game! This platformer is great, with amazing and cute graphics that are simple, yet very colorful. This got a lot of attention when I showed this game to my viewers!

When demoing this game, my viewers absolutely loved Sparkles the giraffe, especially the ability he does with his tongue. I know you’re all wondering-what’s the ability that Sparkles does with his tongue? Well, I’m glad you asked; Sparkles has a floating ability. He spins his tongue like a helicopter to lower you to different platforms. Along the way, you run into a new character Mr.Rock; he is very useful on different levels. You need Mr. Rock to get into different areas of the level to open up for your main character. Not only that, Mr.Rock also helps you defeat enemies, either by throwing him at targets, or having a passive ability to defeat enemies that are around you; this is very useful when you’re getting overwhelmed with enemies.

The different characters you meet along the way help you on your journey. A lot of these different characters need you to do quests for them. These quests help you progress through the game, so you can’t ignore them. For example, to progress in one of the levels, you need to help a whale build back confidence by getting him a bikini bottom to cover up his insecurities so he can travel the world. In return, you get a ruby. Another character you have to help out to enter a battle arena is a skeleton that is seeking flesh. To get this flesh the skeleton seeks, you go to a farmer who is cooking bacon. Then you return the bacon to the skeleton, and he is so happy that he dances around and he quickly lets you into a battle arena where you can unlock different stickers. Each battle arena is slightly different from the rest. The battle arenas progressively get harder in each one you go to.

Let’s talk about controlling your character. You can easily use a keyboard and mouse, but when you load up the game, they suggest that you use a controller. I, personally, went with the game’s suggestion and used a controller. I got to tell you the game felt better using that over a keyboard and mouse. It just felt more natural. This game also has a two-player mode, which is a great selling point if you want to sit back and play with a friend. It definitely makes the game more fun, knowing that you’re going through this crazy-looking world with a friend. Although there were some flaws with the two-player. For example, when you’re playing by yourself, the screen scrolls with you, but when you have a second player, you have to progress together. I mean, it’s not all bad but sometimes it gets weird when, all of a sudden, your friend’s character disappears because you rushed him off-screen and then he just reappears on top of you.

The story is amazing; all the characters, all the enemies, and the story seem to make the game very, very unique. That being said, the price point of this game on Steam, at the time of this review, is $14.99 USD! Which is really not bad for a decent length game, great graphics, amazing game play. If you enjoy hack-and-slash platformers, it’s definitely worth picking up and taking a look at. That being said, I am rating this game at 8.0 out of 10 (80).


  • Cute colorful graphics
  • Great story
  • Awesome controls
  • Good price point


  • Two-player mechanic was weird
  • Some boss fights were lackluster
  • When you miss something, you have to start the level all over again

The Wolfpack (Wagz) gives The Adventure Pals a Drastik Measure of 8.0 out of 10 (80)