Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: ROCKFISH Games
Publisher: ROCKFISH Games
Release Date: May 26, 2017
Edited by KnightAvenger

EVERSPACE is a space adventure, shooter game with roguelike elements from ROCKFISH Games. I describe it like that because you’re flying a ship in space and shooting things. The roguelike elements come in a few ways to the game. The areas you visit are randomized with various enemies’ loot and resources, and the pathways on the different maps aren’t always the same. There is also a progression system, which I will get into more later on. There is a lot to cover so let’s get a move on and dive right in with the story and then some.

The story is an interesting one for the game and how it works hand-in-hand with the features of the game. When you first begin the run, you’re greeted with a cutscene that sets up the basis for the story. You’re a pilot caught up in some mysterious conspiracy and, through some situations, you escape but have no memory. With the help of your ship’s AI, you begin to piece together things. As you complete more levels by reaching the last Jumpgate in a sector, the story unfolds a bit more until you reach your final destination. Now, how the story works hand- in-hand with the features of the game is through the progression system.

As you die in the game, you get any blueprints you found and credits you earned as you’re “reborn” and can begin anew. The way I feel the game does it is basically somewhat like an alternate reality or time paradox. Such as a Groundhog’s Day-like situation. Anyway, the progression system is a really great feature of the game and allows for you to have a better chance each time you go in for a run. With the credits you earn through your runs, you can improve the stats and features of your ship or even buy a new ship. Features such as improving credits earned and stats like extra health and such.

The next big thing and probably the biggest about the game is the graphics. You would think that a game with VR support would have lower graphics for the non-VR mode. With EVERSPACE, that is not the case at all. With me, I had to lower the graphics quality to the barest of bones to get it to run smoothly for my PC, and it was still absolutely gorgeous. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would look like set to max; that is how great the graphics for the game are. I, honestly, have never been impressed as much as I have with the lowest possible setting for graphics in a game as I have with EVERSPACE.

I did mention about loot and resources earlier on in the review and am going to discuss them before closing things out. Throughout a run, in addition to credits, you also find various resources and loot. By loot, I mean like weapons, ship enhancements and such. Resources you find can be used to repair your ship and even craft new weapons or items, such as a shield booster for your ship. With that last thing out the way, I can wholeheartedly and highly suggest this game to people. Especially for people who enjoy roguelikes and space exploration games. EVERSPACE is 100% worth the $29.99 USD price tag on Steam.


  • Amazing Graphics
  • Progression System
  • Great Replayability


  • Have to lower graphics settings on lower end PCs to play

BoxCatHero gives EVERSPACE a Drastik Measure of 8.8 out of 10 (88)