Dead in Vinland – PC Review

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Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: CCCP
Publisher: Playdius, Plug In Digital
Release Date: Apr 13, 2018
Edited by KnightAvenger

Driven from your home during the night, you set sail for anywhere. As you sail, a massive storm bashes you around, destroying your boat and sending you into the water. When you wake up, you are on a deserted island. It is deserted, right? Eirik and his family have been exiled to an unknown island and must fight for survival. You will manage their physical as well as mental health while attempting to build a new home.

You are not alone. Bjorn Headcleaver (sounds like a nice man) and his band of merry Vikings make their presence known to you. He gives you the ultimatum of giving him your supplies every seven days or be punished. You can, of course, tell him to shove that axe where the sun does not shine. Might not be the one of your better ideas early in the game, though.

Everything is turn-based. You have two day turns to scavenge, craft, and explore. Each person that completes activities raises their fatigue, depression, and a skill. Day turns is where you will get your exploration and crafting completed. During the night turn, you have the choice to hydrate and feed your survivors, if you have the supplies. You have a mix of perishable and non-perishable food. Each night, what food you do not use will have a portion of it spoil and you lose that resource.

Night time is also when the story comes out. You learn more about the backstory of each of the family members and the companions you find throughout the game. This is also where you develop or destroy the relationships between each of the members. Some relationship fails and gains are out of your control.

Your combat is also turn-based. Select your three favorite party members and get ready to beat some Viking face in. Each of your characters has attacks that can buff and debuff as well as pure damage moves. Each character has their own action points for you to spend. You earn a bonus action point for the character if you do not use all the action points for that character’s turn. Keep in mind, your enemies get the same treatment. If you are wounded in combat, those injuries go back to camp with you. There are various items you can use to assist in healing your injured. While those items can assist, they can also hinder in other ways.

Eirik and his family have just lost their home, so, naturally, depression is going to be a big factor you have to take into account while managing their needs. If their depression isn’t kept in check, they will end up killing themselves. That is fine if it is one of the extra party members you bring into the group. If one of the four main family members dies, then they will all swirl into a never ending depression, kill themselves, and game over. You die. You can pick up the game at a previous autosave to attempt to save the party member. Other needs to watch for is their fatigue, hunger, and hydration. Without the proper camp setup, you will not be able to effectively feed, hydrate, or even heal the characters.

While leveling your characters, pay attention to the skill buffs and debuffs. This is rolling on RNG and it is a mean one. During several skill checks, when my skill came in at 80% and up, it failed and, at times, when it came in around 50% and under, it succeeded. Even at a 95% level when you are so sure it will succeed, remember that if it is not 100%, then it is not a guaranteed success. The skills rate from 0 to 100. The status of the character will affect how effective they are. If they are fatigued and famished, then the skills linked to those needs will become less effective.

The banter between the characters is witty and believable for any family that likes to joke and take jabs at each other. There are plenty of jokes, ranging from silly to raunchy, to help keep the game atmosphere from seeming too grim. Source: See the above fart joke. Secondary character dialogue and narrative is lacking. While it is fun, it is also a little cheesy.

The artstyle is beautiful. Characters and scenery equally look beautiful. From the small details on the backdrops to the facial expressions, I have no complaints.

While this is a challenging game, it has an easy mode for beginners. If you have never played Dead in Bermuda, I recommend utilizing that easy mode until you understand the basics. Dead in Vinland is worth the price of $19.99 (USD) on Steam and I do recommend picking it up.


  • Nice graphics
  • Interface is easy to use and learn
  • Plenty of character traits
  • Challenging survival
  • Norse mythology


  • Challenging survival
  • Gameplay can become stale and monotonous
  • RNG can be horrible

Nakupenda91 gives Dead in Vinland a Drastik Measure of 8.0 out of 10 (80)