TDM News Room – DenpaSoft Announces I Walk Among Zombies

The following is a press release by DenpaSoft.

The series of I Walk Among Zombies Now Announced on Denpasoft

Release Date: TBA
Developer: Seacoxx

Los Angeles, CA, (July 6th, 2018) – Seacoxx and Denpasoft are elated to announce the series of I Walk Among Zombies to release on Denpasoft! Featuring sequels I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 2 and Vol. 3, as well as a prequel to the story, I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 0, the  Nocturne Novels’ favorite thrilling zombie tale will be made available to play with gorgeous art and music to support the already adored story!

Yuusuke is an office worker with a dislike for people, preferring to do his job alone and in silence. When the company he works for suddenly goes bankrupt, he loses his job, and with that, all his motivation disappears, and he becomes a complete shut-in.

On one of the rare days he decides to leave his apartment, after a week-long video game binge, a mysterious man attacks him and bites his arm. Though Yuusuke manages to escape back to his room, he comes down with a fever and becomes bedridden for several days.

When Yuusuke wakes up, recovered, he goes to resume his normal life, but he soon finds that in the short time he was asleep the world has completely changed. Zombies have emerged [b]in every corner of the world simultaneously, and the few human survivors are now in hiding.

Why am I the only one the zombies don’t attack?”
How will Yuusuke take advantage of his new situation, and what will he discover?


  • Based on the hit novel from the adult novel site Nocturne Novels
  • Featuring breathtaking artwork from Saburo
  • Filled with images of the characters and scenes which add a wealth of details and emotions to the story

About Nocturne Novels 

Nocturne Novels is the division of focusing on 18+ novels, which is famous for its breadth of popular stories submitted by budding novelists and the rate at which their works spread through word of mouth. The additional possibilities of adult content broaden the range of stories on offer, and brand new works, separate from those on the main site though just as popular, keep popping up.

The sheer number of users and stories has led to big publishers often picking up novels for publication, and it’s not uncommon for those to become hits in their own right. Many people now see it as the perfect place for up-andcoming Light Novel writers to get their start.

Within Nocturne Novels, one outstanding novel has picked up rave reviews and taken the top spot in the yearly rankings: “A World Filled With Zombies Where Only I Am Not Attacked.” Readers are captivated by the detailed world descriptions and the hectic plot, but what stands out most of all are the characters’ realism and credibility. Fans say that they forget they’re reading a story, feeling like they’re pulled in to the world.