TDM News Room – IndieGoGo Extended – My Sister! by XTER

This is a press release by XTER


As of today we are extending the Indiegogo project to have thirteen more days! Please support our project!


On May 15th, we received an email notification stating that the Kickstarter Integrity Team had flagged our project due to the nature of its content and subsequently would be suspending the project. As we have already had five previously successful campaigns in the past with adult content, both we and our supporters were shocked at the sudden and immediate decision by the integrity team. Kickstarter failed to notify us on the first day of launch and only choose to notify us just over the halfway mark of our goal. This has hurt our company’s impression of Kickstarter and also called us to question the implementation of their policy. The decision has been made to permanently change our crowd-funding platform, we will no longer be using Kickstarter for any future projects. While we are still searching for a better alternative, we will be relaunching the campaign on Indiegogo so as not to disappoint fans and supporters of the series. We at PUSH! are not giving up on My Sister and will continue to endeavor in providing both this and more products in the future. This project will be shut down within 48 hours by Kickstarter, so all funding will be voided. Please visit our new funding site at Indiegogo for your continuous support.

My Sister, is an adult manga anthology series written and illustrated by XTER being published and localized by Push Publication in a on-going kickstarter project! As a company we’re working togther with the original creator to publish the manga, and community support is needed to make that happen with our kickstarter project!

This will be a compilation of “My Sister” Episodes 1 and 2. It will also include Episode 3 before its release in Thai. In addition to the anthology, we intend to release an artbook featuring a biography of XTER, sketches, and all the different works he has done thus far to chronicle his journey as an artist. The entire series will consist of five episodes – with Episodes 4 and 5 scheduled to launch sometime next year as a second part of the anthology.
  • Episode 1 – After a year of studying abroad, Non finds out that his nerdy sister, Nate, has become a sexy nymphomaniac. Slowly, he uncovers the reason behind her transformation…
  • Episode 2 – After suffering a mild concussion, Nate becomes the well-mannered girl she used to be. How can Non help her recover – and more importantly, turn her back into the slutty girl she was before?
  • Episode 3 – This time, Nate takes a “biology” lesson on her college campus – and in uniform, too! This episode features a new character: Aunt Nee, a naughty professor.


XTER had a passion for drawing at an early age. While working in the IT industry, he spent his free time making art – and after a period of creating parody doujins, he decided to make a manga of his own. His debut series, “My Sister,” released in 2016 and was a big hit in Thailand! Recently, he has been steadily gaining fans across the world and is now looking forward to having his series published internationally.

A little message from the Artist:

Good day to you, readers! My name is XTER and I am an artist from Thailand. As an armpit fetishist, I would say my favorite things to draw are just that~! This manga series (My Sister), is my debut as a professional artist. I really hope you enjoy reading each volume – and please stay tuned for my upcoming works! Thank you very much, – XTER

Further details about XTER’s life and career can be found in the artbook, which will be published alongside his manga!

You can follow XTER’s work on FacebookTwitter, and Pixiv.

This H-manga is meant for ages 18 and above! All artwork will be completely uncensored!