TDM News Room – Traffic Cop VR Release Date Announced

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Traffic Cop VR Release Date Announced

Enforce the rules, keep the peace and have a donut on HTC Vive May 29th

Arizona, May 23rd – Brian Bobik in collaboration with Warden Game Studios have announced that their humorous take on the duties and responsibilities of a traffic cop in the 1950’s will be releasing on Steam for HTC Vive on May 29th, 2018.

In Traffic Cop VR, you will need to demonstrate profound proficiency while using time management, critical thinking, and strategy to enforce the rules of the road in the city’s most demanding intersection.

You’ll need to survive the day while protecting citizens, and keep traffic moving efficiently, while effectively handling impatient speedsters. Duck, dodge or toss back oncoming food (except the donuts, make sure you eat those), to show the road-ragers who’s boss.

VR Trailer:

Unlock bonus mini-games in Traffic Cop VR to protect the citizens from giant birds that you can shoot down with your handy slingshot, an alien invasion that you’ll take on with your trusty ray gun and protect your uniform from hot-rod driving thugs.

Traffic Cop VR will be available for HTC Vive on Steam May 29th, for $19.99. Ports to the Oculus Rift, Windows mixed reality headsets, and PlayStation VR are coming in the near future.

Key Features

  • Direct traffic in the city’s busiest intersection efficiently to keep cars moving.
  • Take strategic action when cars move at different speeds to avoid collisions and minimize delays.
  • Survive unpredictable drivers as they ignore the rules of the road and blow through intersections.
  • Duck and dodge oncoming food thrown by raging roadsters or catch it and throw it back!
  • Unlock mini-games and protect the citizens from an alien attack, giant bird infestation or uniform staining hooligans Oh the humanity!
  • Wield your trusty ray gun, or take aim with the slingshot.

About Traffic Cop VR

Traffic Cop is the collaboration between Brian Bobik and Waden Kane Game Studios. The creative concept behind Traffic Cop was the idea of Bobik. Bringing the project to life is the Arizona based, Waden Kane Game Studios, whose other titles include Turtle Boarden and Pie Smash.