Draul’s Thots – Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and……..


Hey there yall! This months Draul’s Thots is mostly about me gushing over Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

It’s been a bit since I have done a Draul’s Thots. As always I have to throw out this disclaimer. No this is not a sexual thing, no this isn’t me using slang for something… Wait yes it is… I use the word thot as the word thought because I used the website Thotbot back during Vanilla WoW days. So that is where I get the name from. So now that that bit is out of the way we can move on to talking about the important bits.


You heard me correct. If you didn’t already know which.. I mean.. come on, you knew! However IF you didn’t Obsidian is releasing a sequel to their hit RPG Pillars of Eternity II. Even better news is that the game is almost here. Sure it got pushed back a month or two but on May 8th , 2018 gamers will get the chance to re-enter the world of Pillars of Eternity and get to visit the new region of Deadfire Archipelago.

See Pillars 1 holds a place in my life..heart… thing. See when the game had came out a dear friend at the time asked what I thought of the game having gotten my hands on the game early. So with my input he bought the game and took to streaming the game. This was back in 2015. We continued to play games together. Even single player games late night after streams. We would talk about the games and share our experiences. Do things in the game we might not otherwise do while streaming. Then sadly in 2016 this dear friend passed away. Which we are at the anniversary of his passing and it still hits me.  I am returning to Pillars 1 because 2 is coming out but I have never finished my play-through as I stopped where we had both stopped at and never went back. Until the console version came out where last year I reviewed. Granted it being a CRPG just feels odd on a controller. PC all the way when it comes to Pillars. Now we are just three weeks away until Pillars 2 so I am back at it.

Having had a chance to play the game and get down in the nitty gritty I will say this.  Pillars of Eternity II is absolutely incredible. It is what fans deserve in a sequel. Even more so you can tell they have grown as developers after making POE 1, South Park the Stick of Truth, and more recently Tyranny. In fact you may find some features from Tyranny have been fine tuned and carried over into Pillars 2. Not just that but the graphics are breathtaking.

So you like RPGS? YOU LOVED PILLARS 1? Then your ass better be getting all up in Pillars 2 on May 8th.

Oh and if you like “Swag” they just announced today there is a Scavenger Hunt beginning. Where you can find codes that have been placed all over the digital and physical promotional assets for the game. Currently there are 55 of them. As you find them and put them into the website you will get to unlock items for the full game when it releases. Kind of cool right?! A couple other games have done this. Off hand I remember spending weeks trying to find all the codes for Defiance. Of course someone eventually made reddit posts and websites just for the purpose of collecting all the codes into a single spot. So if we find any of those codes check back on this post. We will update it at the bottom with the new codes and where we found them!

Happy Hunting, and enjoy Pillars of Eternity 2 on May 8th! I KNOW I WILL!

If you never got a chance to play 1, but want to check it out before 2 releases it. I am doing a play-through of the game and the White March dlc on my Twitch channel. http://www.twitch.tv/draulxx