TDM News Room – Debris (PC) Launches Co-Op

The following is a press release by Moonray Studios

In Debris you and a friend are trapped together, yet still somehow alone. An unconventional narrative co-op game set in a surreal frozen seascape. Developed over 3 years, this first-person co-op story takes place in a surreal sunken world locked between ice and rock. Following an accident, players must scramble to find power, defeat strange creatures and decipher what mysterious forces are attempting to prevent their escape. Debris is designed based on the challenges facing those affected by psychosis and created with the help of medical professionals, Debris explores the interplay between perception and reality in an unconventional narrative-driven co-op format.

Co-op Narrative: The story of Debris unfolds in the communication between players as they struggle to navigate and unravel why they’re trapped and how they can escape.
Co-op Tension: Three lives are in the balance. One has a light, one has a gun; one sees everything, one hears everything; one is lost, and one is stuck. But everyone thinks they know what’s really going on.
It’s About Time: Everything you can do is tied to power, which counts down continuously. Debris is full of choices, all dependent on the time you have, the time you lose, the time you need and the time you are willing to spend.
Surreal Ecosystem: With 8 axes of movement (including buoyancy), players glide through the Arctic labyrinth and quickly discover that their prison is home to strange bioluminescent flora and fauna, prey and predators of light and darkness.

Moonray Studios: Based in Ontario, Canada, our collective resume includes games and series like Need for Speed Nitro, Army of Two, X-Men Destiny, Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Too Human and Dark Legions.