Draul’s Thots – My Time at Portia Early (Early) Access Preview



Hey there again you fine folks! Another Draul’s Thot coming ‘atcha!

As some of you know I am having many health issues so I’ve been slowly backing away as to take care of my health and leave some of my responsibilities to the other Owners and staff of The Drastik Measure. Those especially being the other Co-Owners Lolinia and DarkChylde666 “#DarkClyde” lol! I have been doing some small bits of writing here and there to get some content out before I go possibly, entirely… Out of commission. Therefore, with that said this is my last post until mid to late February, all depending on recovery of course.

As the title says the subject of this Draul’s Thots (and again that’s a play on the old WoW info site ThotBot not the other often used offensive slang) is My Time at Portia. First, to note it is the first time Team 17 LTD has worked with a Chinese developer. In case you did not know the developers behind My Time at Portia also developed the game Planet Explorers, and if you are someone, who has gotten/or will get to play both games, you can quickly tell that Pathea has learned a lot in their development of Planet Explorers – My Time at Portia.

Also important to note is that Pathea had a successful KickStarter / crowd funding campaign, having raised $146,697. Initially they were looking to raise $100,000. So they managed to succeed and then some. Now supposedly the game has also been available on Itch IO and some people have gotten to experience the game already. I of course got my copy from the PR guy that handles Team 17. Pretty awesome dude by the way!

In short, the game is a farming, simulation, roleplaying game. If you have played games such as Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon then you are likely familiar with the style of game like My Time at Portia.  The art is pretty darn cute, and it has some combat mechanics which set it apart from the other games, especially the dungeons! Everything you do gives you some type of experience and you can level up, as you do this, you get skill points to put into your skill trees. Some of these can make you more efficient at harvesting materials, lower crafting times, increase your hp and stamina, among many other things. There is a decent twist to the overall store of the game that will have you wanting to continue playing and make sure you do not miss any of the story events that happen in the game.

My Time at Portia even has some combat, which can be fun. It is not a huge focus of the game but the fact that you can do it really makes me enjoy the game more. The crafting in some ways was a little odd but overall enjoyable. My favorite feature or mechanic in the game is the ruins. The way you search for items in the ruins is kind of neat and the environment destruction when using a pick to search the ruins is pretty freaking cool.

All of that leads me to the things that bother me, or that I might dislike about My Time at Portia. First it seems it needs some optimization. I had issues, as did another Twitch streamer who has a decent rig. There is a lack of multiplayer, which drives me insane. The one thing people have been begging for is for MP in these sort of games. With Stardew Valley having a mod for mp, and soon a real actual multiplayer mode it will be hard for people to make the jump to My Time at Portia. Even more so the same day that this game releases there is also Staxel, which is another game very similar, and it is launching with multiplayer and MOD support.  I do hope that Pathea can manage to get multiplayer into the game but not all that sure, if it is even planned at this point. I still have major issues about the game to discuss and it is something that drives me crazy about the other games in the genre to that I usually end up modding out. That is a stamina/forces sleep system. Most of the time I feel like the game days move to fast, or I run out of stamina to quickly and never get enough done before I have to go to sleep in game. To me it feels more like a bullshitty pacing mechanism that devs use. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! That being said this game is one of immense potential – especially if the developers end up adding multiplayer and dedicated server support.

Ultimately, I find My Time at Portia to be enjoyable still and a fun treat to a genre desperately needing a beautiful 3D game, which My Time at Portia is delivering. Mind you, the game is in launching into early access on January 23 so make sure to be on the lookout for it. That said it is important to note EARLY ACCESS here. I hope many of you pick up the game and support Pathea!

Have you checked out the game yet? What are your thoughts?