RiME – Nintendo Switch Review

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Genre: Puzzles, Adventure, Platformer
Developer: Tequila Works
Publisher: Grey Box
Release Date: Nov 14, 2017
Edited by KnightAvenger

RiME is an atmospheric, puzzle-based adventure game in which you wake up on an unknown island covered in ruins, and, armed with nothing more than your wits, you explore this colorful and living world.

The environment in this game is colorful and full of life from the shape of the rocks to the various plants dotting the island and even down to the various wildlife that wander around and hide if you get too close. Everything was really made to draw you into the world. Within minutes, I felt like I was there.

The puzzles were fun and not incredibly difficult. I did not spend more than a few minutes on each one, which made for great pacing in which I didn’t just blow through it, but I never found myself too frustrated at any one thing.

This brings me to the controls, which, to put it simply, were simple and yet tight. There are a limited number of actions to perform in the game, and I never felt that my character was trying to do something I didn’t want it to. There are a few climbing segments, and, unlike some other games where jumping from ledge to ledge can be a hassle, I was able to make every jump, every time.

Game play aside, this game suffers from some bugs. About five minutes in, I got stuck in a wall twice, which made me have to restart from a last checkpoint, but, as I hadn’t seemed to reach any at that time, I had to watch the whole unskippable intro of the game two more times. Along with that problem, I encountered many instances of FPS dips, caused mostly when looking around to observe large parts of the environment.


  • Well made, colorful and immersive environment
  • Tight and simple controls
  • Fun and interesting puzzles


  • Framerate dips
  • Getting stuck in the environment occasionally happens

Abyssal gives RiME a Drastik Measure 7.4 out of 10.0 (74)

RiME is available on the Nintendo Store for $29.99 (USD).